Stitchers Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Future Tense

love this show!

Graceland Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Sidewinder

Question is it Oxycottin or Oxycodone? The difference the first is sythetic heroin but I've only seen it as blue pills, the other is straight perecet without the Tylenol like percept 325. They keep saying oxy as they are both referred to, just curious. I know people crush & snort both, shoot Oxycottin mixed with other even & swallow like normal people. I did not know people were crushing and smoking, oxy what one? As a future Drug and Alcohol counselor, I've had experience years ago with both never heard of anyone smoking pain pills. Maybe a California thing? Wanted more info if anyone knows.
I liked Ari line about the bike but Paige stole show with her version of 50 shades of grey, we are seeing pop up all over this season mainstream, prime time lots Kinky F...ery as it should be. Sexy Paige!

Isaiah Washington Explains Behavior in Lengthy Interview With Larry King

That "F" word is OK because it doesn't mean a homosexual but "someone who is weak"? Can this guy bury himself any deeper? I guess he calls Knight "weak" because he (Knight)) show deference to Dempsy?
Dempsy is an established star and, with my 30+ years of experience working as part of the IASTE crew in Hollywood it is NOT weak to RESPECT a more well established actor such as Demosy... It's pretty much protocol.
Stars wait for each other on the set so that, even if actors are not on camera, it adds to the vitality of the scene... This is what Washingtom claims Dempsy did and it seems he (Washington) also claims that he is too big to have to wait for another actor sine he "can act." Well... He can not obviously act like a gentleman and seems to claim that anyone who DOES act as a gentleman is someone's "B" and "F."
Being strong and "butch" only works when someone is self assured; self assured with their OWN sexuality and talent. This guy does all the slander... TWICE... And then says Knight is the one who should have been fired! What if someone on set told Washingtom to stop being someone's "N." How would he feel...
This guy doesn't even APOLOGIZE to anyone directly, especially Knight. Instead he back peddles (spins) something he DID and SAID... Just (!) something he should have not said (oh yeah) and then claims he is NOT homophobic! Because why? Because he just meant that Knight was "weak." If you ask me this is "kinda"! WIMPY, real "whoa is me "BOO HOO HOO! On and on and on and then says a black guy can't catch a "break" in Hollywood! He refers to the fact that Robet Downey Jr. caught a "break"... I guess that issue had nothing to do with the fact that Downey is one of the finest actors of his generation and a FILM STAR ....

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I knew Gus was going to die, a friend of mine is related to Ed White, but I still cried. I agree, he was one of the best guys on the show and his relationship with Betty was adorable. While I love mini series, this show definitely could have been a regular season show.

Power Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Three Moves Ahead

Omg this show... just when I think the stakes can't get any higher, they go much higher. Angela finding out James is Ghost (though I think she knows now) is now the least of his problems. Kanan has been playing a chess game to get back his position and he's very close to saying check mate. I think Ghost is finally starting to put things together, but it's gonna come down to the wire. Shawn is not killing Ghost, he doesn't have that killer instinct at all-but he's playing with fire messing with Tasha for all the wrong reasons. Dre is the true wild card, depending on how he goes- will determine "how" Ghost will make it out of this. He won't die of course (otherwise no show) but he can lose his empire and Angela. I can't wait to find out.

Power Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Three Moves Ahead

I love how Ghost sent her that dismissive text, "Oh I had to get a new number", after playing her like a fiddle. Classic stuff.

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Whose Talent Is Being Wasted?

Eric has anger issues. I've always thought Daniel had a temper but it doesn't compare to Eric who looks like he could just go off at any time. And it seems worse with women. If one day there's an episode where Eric has his hands around some woman's neck or is standing over a woman's body holding a bloody knife, I hate to say I wouldn't be surprised. Don't get me wrong I like Eric but his anger scares me sometimes.

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Do You Want a Daniel/Nicole Wedding?

I understand that Daniel gets shot at his wedding to Nicole? Is asnynof this true? Would love to see them happy and married...love Nicole's quirkiness


Great review, Hank. Things are heating up! I'm not worried about the love triangle. I think that's done. Interesting way to engage it and then put it to rest. I do hope this gets renewed! SyFy has given us a super night of TV this season!
On a similar note; I know you're watching Dark Matter, Hank. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I thought the show was a bit slow...boy, did it pick up! I'm riveted! Everyone's secrets are slowly being revealed! Hope you don't mind me putting in a blurb about Dark Matter.
SyFy, don't mess with my Fridays!

@ Yinzer Lynn

Have to agree! Dark Matter is getting really good.


Paul are you sure it's going to be on next week? In my area, a preview wasn't shown.............

@ Terrie

Hey, it's on next week :-)