Under the Dome Review: Whoopsy Daisy!

A respectable ending would be everyone escaping, or travel normalized between under and outside, or at least, an explanation. I would rather see it renewed, though.

21 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

Allison Argent, Ziva, Kevin Tran, and Hershel. All great characters and I'll miss them all. Though Arden Cho is a really great replacement for Crystal Reed.

Teen Wolf Review: What Revelations?!

Totally agree with you. What a wasted hour.
1. Liam was the best part of the hour he actually has two "friends" one human and another beta. Scott has been totally useless as his alpha.
2. When did Kira lose her kick-ass powers?
3. When did Scott lose his kick-ass powers?
4. On a positive note Stilinski took his son and werecoyote girlfriend to dinner.
5. No idea what is going on with Deacon and the "third eye" guy.
6. Although I love the actor - Kate has been a total waste this season.
7. Loved that Parrish (whatever he is) is probably going to save Chris Argent. They better expand his role next season. All in all WTF how are they going to tie up anything the next episode unless everything spills over into Season 5 which means they were spinning their wheels the whole season.

Ray Donovan Review: Falling to Pieces

they have got to slow this show down more... turning into Blue Bloods

Dallas Review: Down the Dark Path

Great episode! Powerhouse performance by Linda Gray!

21 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

Kol Mikaelson...bring him back

Dallas Season 3 Episode 11

Another big disappointment tonight on Dallas. More about JR than anything else. Elena exposes the fraud that was the framing of Cliff Barnes for JR's murder after Drew Ramos' funeral, and there was the big fireworks at the beginning of the show. But after that, everything was helter skelter from there. No coherency and no real sense of purpose to the rest of the show. Strange how no one in the family asked John Ross just how did Elena come into possession of JR's lettter in the first place. Just one of those obvious things that need not be mentioned I guess. It was great that Bobby smashed JR's picture and trashed his office as a sign that he now realizes that he has become JR, something that he never was in the original Dallas. Bobby always found another way to come out on top without breaking laws or getting dirty. This Bobby Ewing is totally unrecognizable from the Bobby Ewing of old. As I pointed out, Larry Hagman's death hurt more than people realize. Not only did the writers have to scrap everything they had planned around Larry Hagman's character, JR Ewing, they now seem to be making things up as they go along. And Ken Kercheval's character Cliff Barnes. What is up with this? Billionaires do not go to prison, not even in Mexico. Hard to believe that a major government contract company CEO is allowed to rot almost for the remainder of the show. And now Pamela has Cliff Barnes pardon in her possession. Who are the writers trying to kid here? Do they not know what to do with Cliff Barnes character or has he been one of those forgotten items on the back-burner not to be seen or heard of again. Writers, time to step up your game. Things are slipping. Time to put Dallas on top of the ratings here!!

The Strain Review: The Master Fights Back

Nice one who read the series (don't worry I won't spoil it besides I'm hoping the TV show differs from the book), It was a great episode for two things. Fet joining the team and Jim's departure. I was confused about Eph as he destroyed the pilot vampire sand now he hesitates again? If Nora gets infected, is he going to be still conflicted?

Ray Donovan Review: Falling to Pieces

Bloody amazing...again...............


Don't forget. Someone is supposed to leave the series. I think it might be Hetty, but I hope not.

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