Revenge Review: Playing With Fire

Am I the ONLY one that feels sorry for fauxy Amanda? seriously? I know she was really irritating but she was soooo loyal to Emily, and really she was truely inlove with Jack in the end she did let go, only a person the is really inlove lets go, and she set him free, she was always protecting her friend even when she was about to die, I just felt sooo bad sooo sad.
I loved how Daniel has no clue how to scheme haha but maybe he will in the near future, he should learn from his mother heck even from his father.

Who Does Rufus Sleep With on Gossip Girl?

I think he will hook up with Ivy

Awkward Review: Along Came Ben

I know Jake really is sincere and from the start felt for Jenna and wasn't ashamed to be seen with her, but as a girl it's difficult to recover from a heartbreak and all of the things you ever suffered from your past whatever it is you had with your last person with whom you had stong feelings for, and Jenna is doing that she's coping, she felt very hard for Matty and when she finally realized she was wasting time he was never gonna wake up and stand up for her, he realized it was time, but it was too late.
Now it's sooooo SAD that Jake had to find out VIA SADIE/SATAN that the girl he loves and his bestie hooked up all summer long and had intense feelings for each other.


I don't why I keep getting the feeling that Bill was the one that killed Sookie's parents...


tara is boring me, she was an annoying human being, she would of probably would have been an annoying ghost yapping to laffayet and sookie( who can also hear dead people)
NOW TOO she is an annoying vamp?! DIE already TARA I thought that because she had an awesome maker she would be fun.
Seriously Terry? and Andy? ew

Season 2 Scoop: Revenge Casting For...

It should be a very prominent person like Victoria is because she is very captivating.
But please I don't want Victoria dead!!!

True Blood Season 5 Preview: A Royal Return

I'm very intrigued about everything!! Steve newlin a vampire hahaha that's gotta be fun, and Tara how is she gonna live? I know she is still part of the cast.
I think the thing of the faes are kind of boring really sookie's powers need to evolve...

Once Upon a Time Sneak Peeks: Digging Up Dirt

I think she was already evil, a father always loves his daughter, its a special bond, the evil queen was just Vain, and wanted snow out of her way, because power of course was in jeopardy and she wanted it badly, and wanted all of the attention on her only, never wanted to share.


I really hope It's lynette She annoys me a lot, she acts like she's GOD's gift and perfect, well that's why her marriage ended, most people hate her.

Once Upon a Time Review: A Deadly Disease

I loved this episode, but still have more questions about everything.
Yes why does the new guy get to go out of storybrook? Why didn't James Father(The KING) recognize snow as a Royal? her father was a Royal, I'm dying to know how her father died, what was so awful that Snow Did to the Evil Quee?