I knew they'd get it on in the elevator. Dair is real all you biased chair fans. Chair couldn't even survive in the books. It's a tv show too, so y'know, no matter how much you hate it, you're still giving them what they wanted by all the hating.
Dair ftw.

Gossip Girl Review: Backup Dan the Man

There is a dair kiss :D images from filming have come out. eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 112

Vanessa: Why is the baby crying?
Dan: Maybe the disgusting orange thing you're wearing is making it wan't to puke...
Vanessa: the baby's not real.
Dan: And I didn't think your outfit was either...


As much as I love Serenate, they won't last.
They're too perfect; like Ross and Rachel.
There's already one major NJBC couple, both of them just ruins it tbh.
They're good, don't get me wrong. But Serenat should be left till the series final or something - they've come on too soon.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 91

And here in the wax collection we have the Serena and Blair pouting contest, starting in the 1920's, still continuing to this day.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 78

Damian: If you needed to mark your territory so badly, Charles, maybe you should just pee on her.