Community Review: Brittastrophe!

Funny to read these comments after the fact. I only recently started watching Community and have powering through all four seasons in about a month. I have also been reading this review as I went along just to see what people were thinking at the time it aired. I have to say, the reviewer's growing disillusion with Season 4 is bang on. In my opinion, Community has started to become the thing it was always making fun of. It would always subvert the trope, but now it is starting to become the trope. It's still funny in a sitcom sort of way. But the time I really noticed the switch where I stopped the show multiple times to collect my thought was the Thanksgiving episode. The next ones following only confirmed my suspicion. They are playing it straight when they used to subvert the lesson or the typical tv moment! Sure, there is a nod to so-called 'meta' with Abed intentionally entering into a double date. But this episode ditches that to follow the 'true love' angle combined with the happy ending of the star coming it at the last minute. Yes, there was some lampshading as they did in the past, but this is exactly when older Community would set us up for the moral of the story and go... ha! thought we were going to give you a moral didn't you? It's still amusing in a sitcom sort of way as I said before, but it is not nearly so committed to undercutting the premise as they did in the past.