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Grey's Anatomy Midseason Report Card: B+

Best Character: I'm gonna go with the originals; Meredith, Christina and Alex. Worst Character: April, She's funny sometimes but just wish she did more or something. Most Underused: Alex; I wish we could actually see him happy in a relationship and get some flashbacks of his past, we hear it but dont see it. Would be interesting. Favorite Guest Stars: O'Malley's Mother was really awesome. / Anyone from "Private Practice", I love the cross-overs. Best Episode: They keep getting better for me, so all of them. Worst Episode: Havent seen one in any of the "Grey's Anatomy" episodes. (I literally love every episode) Hopes for 2012:
1) Another cross-over episode with people we havent seen on "Grey's Anatomy" yet,(Violet, Pete, Charlotte, Cooper) or havent seen on "Private Practice" yet,(Alex, Meredith, Christina, Derek)
2) The Dream House Built.
3) Alex finding love.
4) More Webber and Adele, I wanna see more of the Alzhiemers storyline.
5) To see Izzie or Burke return for an episode.

Jesse james

Would love to see:
1) Callie and Arizona on "Private Practice"
2) Derek and Meredith & Christina and Owen on "Private Practice" for like a trip or some huge medical case that Addison needs help with.
3) Cooper and Charlotte with Addison on "Grey's Anatomy" somehow.
4) Pete and Violet with Addison on "Grey's Anatomy"
5) Alex on "Private Practice"
6) Have Izzie return for an episode and be on both "Grey's Anatomy" to see Alex and then go work for Addison on "Private Practice" or have Addison help her get pregnant or something.

Jesse james
Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Poker Face"

Looks hilarious. :) Awesome...cant wait.

Jesse james

Loved this episode and the show.
I miss Lexie though, deff wanna see more of her.
Maybe some Meredith and Lexie bonding?
When will Alex find someone? He looks so sad all the time.
Christina & Owen are always amazing.
I wish Derek would stop being a douche...but I get that you cant just get over something when you're upset, it takes time....I so hope they get Zola back, that way we can Meredith being a Momma and hopefully a better one than hers was.
Any crossovers this season?

Jesse james

Well, I cant wait for next season...I so hope its not the final season. Grey's is an addiction of mine, ever since season 1. Been a true follower of the show.
As for the finale, as mentioned before, it was quiet, but it still kicked ass and had moments where my jaw dropped and as always, had me teary-eyed.

Jesse james
Glee Review: "Funeral"

I so teared up at the funeral. It was beautiful. The episode showed a softer side of Sue, it comes on rarely but its nice when it does...but Sue wouldnt be Sue if she was nice all the time. Lol. Loved This Episode. :)