Dan: Check it out Vanessa
Vanessa: What is it?
Dan: Look how completely irrelevant we always were!!


srry for all my typos ... got a bum fingr .. :S


Just a quick mention on the scene where paparazzi are surrounding S and B as they leave brunch .. I love how B stays out and gives a quick little pose for the paps! ....

Little J, you sneaky bitch! LOL! Jenny = Gossip Girl. At least thats what I think. GG called Dan the "ultimate insider" hmmmm?, not mention everything GG had are all things only 1 person would know (or overhear [ie: Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate] ) ... Im glad Dan told S they wouldnt be friends anymore ... he's LAME and as far as I care he should be removed from the show completely, him and Vanessa, Vanessa's kind of a bitch and I hate the way she and Dan acted at the party right after graduation ... Little J and Rufus are the only mildly interesting Humphreys ...

I LOVED the Lily/Rufus dialogue
Rufus: "Whats in the bag?"
Lily: "Something I found in Chucks room"
Rufus: "Well then I bet it's good!"


I also loved when Eleanor tells Blair "dont let him get away with it!"

Blair: [to Chuck anout V] "Like you didn't do that with the dregs of Dumbo!"
LMAO! And it was kind of like "who gives a ****" when Vanessa says "Im standing right here" ... uhhhhh okay ... and? .... I hate her!!

I hope/know therell be some good drama with the Chuck/Blair, I cannot wait to see whats gonna happen with those 2 nexy season.

Im really excited about Scott coming into the picture and I cant wait to see what kind of storyline the writers come up with for him!!


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

Blair: (about Poppy) .. she's so evil, she makes the old Georgina look like the new Gerogina ....

2. How are you liking the Gabriel-Poppy financial caper story line?

Its alright. I hope it goes away in the next episode. We have little episodes left and its taking too long to end.

More puzzling decision: Chuck letting go of Blair because he loves her, or Lily having Serena arrested to avoid drawing attention to the scheme?

Not necessarily puzzling as to why Chuck let Blair go, but WHY CHUCK WHY!!! I personally LOOOOVVVEEE C & B together! I think the C, B, & N love triangle is awesome, and I wish it wouldve come sooner.