Eh. Thanks for the Ashley scoop. I love the parents. And please? Emily-Toby relationship, they hardly speak to each other since Season 1. Blah. Emily should unleash her anger at Toby.
And I want Jenna's scoop. Make sure you ask MK that next time.
Overall, nice interview!


I agree. I'm kinda confused. Is this the first time Jamie shot someone? I mean, three seasons and this is the first time he used his weapon?
Meanwhile, Erin's subplot is so entertaining. The look on her face when they pleaded guilty. Haha. She clearly loves a good catfight.


Hanna's grandma was introduced at last season's episode when Hanna ruined her stepmother's wedding dress. And having your grandma visit for a week isn't that weird. Check your facts! I think it's an okay premiere. Byron's storyline make it not boring. Love having Emily's dad and Hanna's grandma around to do some real parenting/grandparenting. Ugh to the janitor/Motel guy development. And I'm SO OVER Mona. Can we just concentrate on Toby? I can't stand her character anymore. I hope she got written off at the end of this season.

Once Upon a Time Review: Playing Cricket

Wow. This is like the worst review I ever read. Is this legit? Or it's a sarcasm? And please no more Boom, Poof or other weird sounds.


My 2013 wish for TVD is someone major getting killed off. I'm tired of 3 seasons with the same main players. Time to shake up the cast. Kill off one of the Salvatore brothers. Or have either Bonnie or Caroline bit the dust.

Blue Bloods Review: The Highway Hitman

I agree that Det. Lansing is growing on me. Jackie sets the bar really high but Kate isn't too shabby either.
I heard they're entertaining the idea of a new partner again which annoys me.
Just when I got used to Kate Lansing, I don't want someone new coming in.
I love Sean's mini-storyline and can totally relate to Danny losing his faith and doing "routines".
And I'm thrilled to see David Ramsey back as the mayor, thought he will too busy with Arrow.
Very nice episode, unique and twistful case plus family values make this one of the best episodes this season.


I love how the pure Sister Mary was able to beat the Devil for few minutes to let the Monsignor threw her to her death.
I was kinda sad not being able to see Lily Rabe on screen again.
But I'm so pumped for the Bloody Face storyline to get resolved!
RIP Arden, RIP Mary Eunice, RIP Jude's sanity.

Chicago Fire Review: Admit and Aftermath

Loved Hermann's sidestory and I really love her wife's immediate suggestion to drop the customer.
Same with Nick, I'm not really sold on Cruz's storyline and yes his brother doesn't really deserve saving.
But the most amazing thing in this episode is Shay on her every scene. She and Severide makes a great non-romantic couple.


Hah. Elena's "Pick a Salvatore"? I see what you did there, Nina. Very funny!
Also I loved Spencer's which indeed will come true this winter, I imagine her finding Toby as A will be mind-blowing and earth-shattering.
And Laurel? Get in line!

Year in Review: Best Show of 2012

@gio: If Scandal is 'God-awful' then I don't wanna know how you think about all other shows.