Copper Review: Welcome To The Madhouse

I think it's time for the very disturbed, little Miss Annie, to take her leave. My sympathy has waxed and waned for the girl, since the series premiere, but after last night's episode, I think it be best if Kevin find her a living situation elsewhere. Telling Eva that she had slept with him, while wearing Corcoran's wife's close, is um....BEYOND INAPPROPRIATE. He is not going to be able to rehabilitate this girl. It's time for her to leave.

Hell on Wheels Season Finale Review: This Means War

How much angst can one watch ONE CHARACTER suffer through? Cullen lost a wife and son. Did he really need to lose Lily, too? DUMBO MOVE, AMC! Lily is dead, and so is Hell On Wheels. I am certainly not interested in a 3rd season of this show. Thanks a lot!

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