Wow. I can't believe all the negative feedback. I absolutely loved this ep. It contained all the elements that make this show so wonderful. Hardison and Elliot's verbal fencing. Parker diving into her role with childish exuberance and reckless abandon, oblivious to the fact that the people around her think she's totally crazy. Sophie's inner actor coming out to work a crowd of people. Nate quickly and creatively coming up with new ideas to get the team out of a jam.

Peter Stormare was great. I've seen him portray a Russian (Armageddon), a Sicilian (Prison Break), an Armenian (CSI), a Jew (Entourage), and a Byelorusian (sp?) (Covert Affairs). The guy is talented.


This ep. had all the makings of an explosive season finale as the review made apparent. I hope next week's actual finale isn't overshadowed by it.

I know college mixers have led to some pretty bad "mornings after". Like the infamous Phi Sig Morning After, or the even worse Delta Zeta- (ahem). So, getting back to Boardwalk Empire...

I think Jimmy had the worst "morning after" in history. His girlfriend is pregnant, he pummeled one of his professors which might get him expelled from Princeton, and he slept with his own mother. Any one of these events is a life changer, but to experience them all in one night..? I'm surprised Jimmy didn't follow in George Washington and the Continental Army's footsteps and proceed directly to the Delaware River to throw himself therein.

There is sooo much going on right now in Boardwalk Empire. It's going to be impossible to touch upon all the storylines in the finale. I would like mostly to see what the black community's reaction is to the strike breakers' liberal use of billy clubs. I'm also eager to see how Angela's death effects Richard.


Doh! Thanks for clearing that up for me, CELESTE, and for smashing my theory into tiny, little pieces. LOL! Oh, well.


I'm confused about when exactly Michael found out that Madeline's boyfriend was a spy for Anson. I thought it was only very recently. Why did he tell his mother that he'd known the whole time she was seeing him? It was my understanding Michael told her about it the very day or the day after he found out. Am I missing something? Why would he tell her he withheld that kind of information from her if it wasn't true? Of course she'd be really pissed off about being kept in the dark for so long.

Great episode!!!


Tommy Barone was pretty fun to watch. I don't think the Albanians or whoever hired them really cared a whole lot whether they killed Tommy or not. Tommy was playing the role of a snitch afterall.

I wish they would do an episode where Baker gets a bit of the storyline. She seems like one of the most competent characters on the show. This week we found out she speaks Japanese. I wonder what other skills she's hiding.

It must be tough for a family as close-knit as the Reagans to see their loved ones constantly endanger themselves. They handle it the best they can and laughter certainly eases the ever-present tension even when it seems inappropriate.

I hope this series has many more seasons.


Dexter might have himself a little problem. He called the police to the Marina. The same marina whose video surveillance system he himself just used the previous night. It only stands to reason that the police are going to want to look at the surveillance videos, it's standard operating procedure. If you ask me, Louis is probably the one they'll have looking at the video logs. If he recognizes Dexter, then Dexter is gonna (insert Cuban accent here) "have some splainin' to do" (end Cuban accent).

The question is... Will Louis tell the rest of the squad about it? Or, will Louis take a page out of Dexter's book and confront Dexter himself? Possible blackmail scenario? Maybe...

But hey, this is the magical world of TV, so chances are the marina security videos will not be included in the investigation which will inevitably lead to someone commenting next week on how unrealistic the whole thing is because said surveillance video was not referenced.

Regardless of how things play out, I'm looking forward to the last couple episodes. Because, as Matt pointed out, things have become more tense and the stage is being set right now for next season.


Reading our Friendly Fanatic Staff Writer's review got me thinking. We saw those puppets from last week's ep. in Mr. Gold's pawn shop along with the windmill. I'm wondering if there are other hints on the shelves that tie into other eps. from earlier this year and perhaps from eps. yet to be. I'll have to remember to keep a look out for any "Easter Eggs" hiding in the pawn shop.

Poor Mary. I feel so bad for her. Ginnifer Goodwin does a great job at making her such a sympathetic character. She does an equally good job at making her Snow White alter ego a strong, heroic character.

@ NICOLE Good catch with the toll-troll thing. Never crossed my mind.

@ ALE In an early episode Regina/Queen mentioned that something or someone that she cared a great deal about was taken from her. Could be Charming's brother.


This show can do no wrong (call me a Stepford). Loved Parker with the shock device. I felt sorry for the guy on the other end. Still funny as heck.


I'm with the consensus on Peter. It doesn't have to turn out to be a disaster though. As long as they keep it on the physical, no strings attached level (yeah, like that's ever been a successful relationship strategy) it shouldn't cause too much of a problem.

I do foresee problems arising between Peter and Ethan. Ethan has a crush on Dani and finding out that she's involved with Peter could cause some tension.


Glad to see The Closer is back. I'm not sure it makes any sense, but it's not the show itself that I've missed, it's the characters.