Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "With an X"

Maybe it was just me, but didn't Clay have Unser warn Roosevelt about Tara specifically to keep her safe from the mexican assassin? Assumed it was to put the fear of Go, er Clay in her.

Up All Night Review: Peek-a-Boo!

Hey Chris, if you're in a helpful mood I could sure use some TV on DVDs to help pass the time here at work... ;)
Or I'll wait till the next contest.

Survivor Review: The Power of Abstaining

Oh man the amount of gobs of spit was unreal, I can't imagine having to eat that afterwards! And enjoying it too. I much prefer Stacy's unfollowable rants to one of Brandon's. I couldn't help but laugh when he got very upset about being disrespected about being a Hantz while he did the same thing to Mikaela because she's a good looking woman! Wonder if that piece of meat from the ground she picked up was more than 2 ounces?


Maybe it's being from Canada where the legal age is 19, but I never had to get a fake ID!

Survivor Review: Faithfully Challenged

Wow, for the entire episode I thought I was alone in wondering WTF was with Brandon's obsession. Sure, Mikayla is pretty & young. No different then any other Survivor season!
Didn't see Uncle Russell falling over Parvarti for her tatas, eh? I really think that in the next episode or two the truth will come out about why he's this way towards a pretty lady in his vicinity. Or he'll use religion as a crutch, "it's not my fault blah blah". But in my opinion, if you have such lack of self control that you can't be around a bikini then stay at home, not where everyone swims in their underwear, even Casp- er, Cochrane.

Modern Family Giveaway: Win Season 2 on DVD!

Ditto :)

Grey's Anatomy Giveaway: Win Seasons 1-7 on DVD!

Ouch! 2/5. 40%, Would still watch it if I won though!


Incredible! I waited awhile before finishing this season, partly because the amount of media attention spoiled some storylines (eg. Ned being murdered). So knowing even something made it difficult, and the other part was not wanting it to end. Even though I'm on the Stark's 'side' I can't help but cheer for Dany, seeing her rise from the ashes was brilliantly done. Re: The nudity.
- It's more artfully done then just there for shock value, this isn't a porno. It's a different time, like when young Stark boy saw Hugo(?) all white with his giant wang, it's simply 'go put clothes on Hugo.' Not screaming and covering his eyes. Not in this episode, but over the season what really was hard to watch (for myself) was the animal deaths. 1 wolf, 2 horses was too much, really had a hard time watching that happen. Definitely going to miss Drogo! That guy was pure bad-ass. Looking forward to watching him in the Conan movie.

True Blood Review: "Spellbound"

Some of the Sookie and Eric lines were just hilarious! I can't remember offhand, but I clearly burst out laughing at somethings they said about each other, and how she started to suck his hand? Didn't make much sense, and I know now that it was a blood trip, but at the time it just seemed like somehow FINALLY they were back to touching on Sookie's fairyland adventure. Jessica clearly has some built up rage from Hoyt so even if it was an imaginary scene, she definitely went badass on him. I wonder why Hoyt and her didn't co-sign for the house? Is she still considered under-age? (I assume she was around late teens when Bill turned her.) I was really hoping they moved past her being a re-virgin every day, that was gross when they discovered it, and still is. Glad Jason stood up for his friend first, his love second. I think that will change once he hears the vitriol that Hoyt spewed about Jess and her vampire ways. How the might have fallen, eh Andy Bellefleur? From before when he took the 'credit/blame' for shooting Eggs, to on his knees almost eating a sun burnt vampire for a drop of blood he has done a complete 180, but if anyone can help ween him off the V, it's Jason Stackhouse since his witchy friend wants nothing to do with him I assume, as she's busy helping Antonia fight vampires. Speaking of Antonia's silver wearing Crusaders - Will they stick around after seeing vampire justice? How cool was that! Nobody has actually put up a decent fight before to Bon Temps vampires. Sure, others have tried but Eric, Pam, etc seemed to be too bored to bother with the peons. Even King Russell and his were-puppies were no match (and admitted by pack leader since) for vampires. Was vampire Bill attempting to make amends with Tara? There's someone we can do without, she came back to town since her best friend came 'back from the dead' and now she's a witches #2 in a war against said BFF! I wish this season was almost over so we could have some closer, but I don't want to wait until next summer for another season!

Kurt Sutter Calls Out Matthew Weiner, AMC

That's what you're complaining about? Have you seen the ads that silenty echo the "sex sells" idea? I think it's a bit much myself, and I don't visit here from work internet as often but it's not up to me.

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