NCIS Review: Are You Ready to Rock!?

I loved this episode, and I thought it was the best one so far this season. Good team interaction and just good fun! Lots and lots of teasing though--almost touch too much, which I don't like. I'll take my two hunks Tony and Tim, anyday. Their scenes were priceless in this episode. In regards to the comments above about Tony's behavior and treatment of Tim --
No one on this team could ever top Gibbs--with all the grumpy, growling, snarling, and head smacking he does in each episode. I am sorry, but if anyone should get written up or fired, it should "start" anyway with him, then Tony etc etc. (I still love them all though---great/unique characters.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Returning to NCIS!

I have nothing but respect for Jamie Lee Curtis.
However, when it comes to Gibbs, she just doesn't seem like a good match. And, I don't like the endless amount of boring dialogue that she brings to an NCIS episode. I am sorry, but it just isn't working. Susanna Thompson, as Col. Mann, was a better match, wasn't so arrogant, and didn't degrade the rest of the team.