Etta's personality - I think she's very much like Olivia and very much like Peter. All of them know what it's like to do what's necessary. Only Etta has to do it more often, because she's forced by the world she lives in. And that reminds me a lot of Fauxlivia actually.

Has motherhood changed Olivia? I think she's acting different towards Etta. I feel like she's being extra careful around her.

How long until Peter and Olivia find their way back to each other? It already happened, they just don't have time for that right now. The world will not save itself.

The fate of Simon - that is so not what I wanted. He was supposed to be part of the team soon... But Etta's reaction was awesome to watch.

Searching for puzzle pieces - depends on how long it will take. I don't want it to be too quick and easy, but it shouldn't take the whole season either.


As for the whole Serena/Sabrina thing… and I can't believe I'm about to say this... I had a lot of problems with Serena last season, but in this episode I was totally "you go, girl" with her. It's great that they all dropped everything to go rescue her, but being mad at her for disappearing? Come on, guys! Let me point out that she disappeared AND NONE OF YOU NOTICED. She was crazy to think that she can just pretend to be someone else for the rest of her life, but I don't blame her at all.


Favourite quote - Blair: "There's only so many ways this goes: kidnap/ransom, torture/murder or brainwash/cult" :)

Favourite obvious inside joke - Blair again: "Serena is not Country Strong". Leighton was super cute in that movie.

Favourite thing about the season 6 premiere - NJBC is on the mission! I always love it when that happens.

Chair sex scene - hot as hell, but not as hot as the piano scene.

More ridiculous - Dan obviously. Chuck's outfits are NEVER ridiculous, you got that?

Better slap of Dan - Serena's. Dan was a total dick for no reason.

Shadiest new character - Sage. She looks way too innocent. Amira is interesting and Steven is cute. Is he staying for good, btw?

Who the heck is GG - I'm with Steve, Damien is an awesome candidate.


Favourite scene - the final talk about penance between Holmes and Watson. That was a really good moment. I like it when writers are giving us those little things to show us something new about a character, instead of just drowning us with all at once.

Holmes' trademark violin - including that was a good move!

What Sherlock Holmes character would you like them to add first? Definitely Mycroft.

Detective Bell - I didn't care all that much about him, but I like him better than the guy from the pilot.

As for the murder case - I was a little disappointed about that aspect of the episode. I figured it out the minute they showed us Yvette in the hospital bed.


What song do you want played at your memorial?

My best friend already knows that if I die I don't want my memorial to be sad. I want people to laugh while they're telling stories about me and I want there to be at least 20 different kinds of pizza for them to eat. And I definitely don't want depressing music, so for a song to be played at my memorial, I'm choosing "Spirit in the sky" by Norman Greenbaum.


Favourite scene - Jax saying goodbye to his best friend. I cried my eyes out...

Second favourite - Jax: "I kind of have a few things on my plate today, like burying my best friend, so your need to be loved, worshipped and adored is a little low on my list". That was awesome! I love it when Jax puts his crazy mother in her place. She's really pissing me of lately.

Business with Nero - I like that idea very much. Nero is great and I want him on the show for as long as possible.

Jax and Tara's debate - maybe it's not the best timing, but they have to tell him at some point soon. Wendy is right. How would Abel feel if he found out one day that his parents lied to him all this time?

Ashley Tisdale's appearance - she wasn't very important with everything else going on, but she was fine. C+?


@NoHassleCastle - you're welcome. I'm sure your wife is a wonderful person :) but I just have totally different approach, because I hate playing these games where someone says something but really means something else. I hate it when people do that :)

And yes, I'm very much a Bond girl. I've seen every Bond movie, most of them more than once ;) also "Strawberry Fields Forever" is my favourite Beatles song and I just loved the idea of someone being named after it.


@NoHassleCastle - I am a girl, but I will not argue with you on this. Castle should not go out on a date, because he didn't really want to and he should know it would bring nothing but trouble. BUT I really don't think he handled the situation badly. Beckett encouraged him every step of the way, he had every right to think she supported the idea.

Of course letting the girl jump him like that is another problem, but first of all - how was he supposed to know that would happen? And second of all - the poor guy tried to get away, but those kinds of women really don't take "no" for an answer :)

So don't worry, NoHassleCastle (I love your nickname, btw), not all the ladies would condemn Castle for the bikini mess :)


Or how the guys told Beckett that Castle will make a move on the bikini girl, because "he's a guy and he has a pulse" :D

Will keeping their relationship a secret hurt them in the end? No way.


I absolutely loved this episode. This is exactly how Caste and Beckett should be like as a couple. Perfect.

Favourite scene - aside from every single scene with Caskett, I loved the line from Espo: "Yo, are you wearing make-up?" :D

Was taking a punch all it took for Esposito to forgive Ryan? What more do you want? But seriously, they are awesome.

Should Rick have agreed to the date? Of course he should have agreed, saying no would make the whole thing super awkward. But he should not actually GO on that date.

How long can they keep this secret? Another episode or two would be nice. I mean come on, that was hilarious. That is why we love this show, because of these hilarious moments. Like when Castle told Beckett she's overreacting about the coffee and then Espo immediately went: "What, no coffee?". Or when Lanie asked Beckett who the guy was and Castle went: "Yeah, who's the guy, Beckett?". Or how the guys told Beckett that Castle will make a move on the bikini girl, because "he's a guy and he has a pulse" :D

Will keeping their relationship a secret hurt them in the end? No way.