The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Yes, this is certainly the doldrums. No news, no spoiler alerts. However, the DVDs for S6 will be out the end of September. Good chance to review the entire series so we are primed to analyze whatever they do with S7. We were promised a shocker at one time. It probably wouldn't be my idea of a perfect shocker though. I plan to start watching the DVDs binge fashion, one disk at a time every day I have the time. Knowing how it all turned out up to now should make for interesting speculations about what S7 might be like. I suppose we could guess what the shocker (if any) would be. And of course we would all be wrong.

Nashville Season 3: Who Got Promoted?

I love this movie is they make season 3

The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Gee, I guess we are dying on the vine. End of the year seems like a long time. Have heard no new news. I am guessing they are in production. My only hope is that an advertising will be forthcoming some time so The Mentalist is not forgotten.

NCIS Season 12 Premiere: To Russia, Without Love

And ziva nuts will whine and complain in 3...2...1...

Satisfaction Review: A Risk Worth Taking

I agree that the song, “A risk worth taking,” that Anika
and Mateo sang, is perfect for the show. I see the risk as, if Neil and Grace coming clean with each other it could heal and strength the marriage or end in divorce. Either way it would probably be a good outcome. Neil adding coffee to the coffee maker illustrates his passive-aggressive approach to his marriage problems. At this stage of the game, I can’t have much sympathy for
Grace. Her hiring Simon as an escort was not some spur of the moment, alcohol influenced, decision. She had plenty of time to think it over, and she continued after the first encounter. Her desire to get back into her designing career is getting
off the ground faster than anyone would have a right to expect and yet she continues lusting after Dylan with no regard for her sister or Neil, and Simon may still be in the picture. Why? It can’t be because she is not able to pursue
her career. I am not sure what her excuse is now, except that she regrets getting married in the first place. She seems to have regressed back to before she was married. She seems to be thinking of no one but herself. Neil, on the other hand, got into the escort business as
revenge against Simon more than against Grace and in each of his escort encounters he seems to learn a lesson, even in his first encounter with Adrianna he learned not to take women for grated, re: the tie that Grace gave him. And he tries to apply those lessons to his marriage. I think Neil would like to save his marriage, if he could
figure out what to do and have the courage to do it. I am not sure that Grace wants to. Maybe they should decide to take a break from their
marriage, but, if Grace goes to Milan now without them talking through their problems it will be a disaster.

@ sojourner

Maybe Neil arranges to work from Milan in today's day and age it's very possible and he goes along and gives Grace her chance.

@ Jojobobo

Can't say that possibility didn't cross my mind, Neil is a very accomplished money man ,and I am sure that the thought of all the artistic opportunity that would be available for Anika, would definitely be a plus. The problem I am still having is that if your correct about Simon disclosure to Grace about everything Neil knows and has been doing, I am afraid she's going to push the guilt and blame on Neil and ask for a divorce.

@ sojourner

Completely agree with your assessment of Grace. Her career goals have suddenly sky rocketed, and Neil has been really trying to support her and knows that is what drove them apart. But as you pointed out, Grace continues a 6 month affair with Simon, and now looks to have her sights on Dylan. No regards for what it could do to her marriage and her daughter. What I saw last night, gave me hope that just maybe she still loves Neil and maybe she's starting to feel a little guilty about her actions. I also thought that seeing what her daughter was going through may have made her reflect on the decision she made when she first met Neil. I have always hoped that she would finally grow a to see that all her extramarital affairs, we're not worth the loss of her family. But given what another post has pointed out, Neils mistake of not confronting her about Simon, after he originally found out, despite his best intentions, will probably spell out the end of this marriage.

Extant Review: An Alien Invasion

I disagree about Odin...I still feel like he has something nefarious in mind for Ethan. On the flip side, Ethan will be the only one able to escape the "offsprings" mind control

Arrow Season 3: Cupid Takes Aim!

I am wondering dont you think we have already too many guests stars on Arrow already? Each day I learn of a new character coming to Arrow or a new guest star. I wonder if that will help the show or not

@ Maria

It depends. Some of them are villains of the week type (like this) and others are necessary to round out character's back story. In order to learn who Felicity is, they had to cast people for her. She's getting a mom and an ex, using up two guest arcs. Seems like the focus is moving away from families we know well and onto those we don't. In that case, more actors are a good thing. :-)


I am so excited for this show to come back on!

Scandal Review: Red, Red Wine

Daddy Pope kind of reminded me of Annie Walker from Covert Affairs, actually - Smithsonian cover job.


Did you predict that Louis might finally discover Mike’s big secret and use it to save himself?
I figured he would eventually, but I did not see the key storyline coming at all and that would be how he found out 100% about Mike. How did you react when Louis and Donna’s friendship fell apart right before our eyes?
What Louis said to Donna and how angry he was made me sad for Donna. I think he took out the bulk of his anger on her. Do you think Louis can ever forgive all the people that he once trusted and saw as friends? Would you forgive them if you were in his shoes?
That is a tough call, Harvey and Jessica are his superiors so they did not need to tell him. Yes when Jessica first found out about Mike, Harvey was not Name Partner. That being said I still do not think they needed to tell Louis. As for forgiveness once he has his name on the wall I think he will forgive them. If it was me I would like to think I could eventually forgive. What were your overall thoughts of the episode?
It was a very good episode, I have never seen an episode that I do not like of this show! What do you predict will happen when the show returns? Will Jessica do as Louis asks or do you think she’ll find some way out of it?
I wouldn't be surprised if Jessica and Harvey come up with a way to keep Louis quiet and NOT put his name on the wall. However at this time I do not see how they could get out of it so I will contradict myself and say that Jessica will have to make him Name Partner!

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