Satisfaction Review: A Different Perspective

Thank you Carissa for a well elaborate review again this week. I was pleased that this episode was more about Grace because she was the one who initiated the all situation at the first place, and we didn't know a lot about her own motives at this stage. And this is why I voted for her character in your last week's pool. She was the first to express her unsatisfaction with her life. Maybee dating Simon was less spectacular than launching a rebellion in a grounded airplane, but she was already trying to find herself back, and even if some of you are reluctant to admit that sex is not a proper way to explore your psyche - which in my opinion is an excellent way to start with (I just needed to say it sorry) - at least she was trying something new to move on with her life. I don't think she could have been able to restart her decorating career, if she hadn't been with Simon at the first place. She got some confidence and self estime back thanks to her sex affair. Now she may be ready to start a real relationship with someone who understands what she is about. Hopefully, it will be with the photographer ...in the next episodes. As for Neil, I think he should be with a woman who is more business like and less artistic. He really connects with Adriana, and not just sexually (though a good sexual relationship is often based on good connections to start with !) Let's face it, even if they were in love when they first started, Neil and Grace are really two very different persons and only one of them tried to adapt to the other, even decorating her own home to fulfill her husband's criterias. And yes, Neil didn't even look at the photos displayed on the table of Adriana's home ...he just never took Grace seriously. He took her for granted. He totally deserves what is happening to his couple. Looking forward to the next episodes and your reviews Carissa !

@ andrea

I agree with your assessment of the marriage. The affairs are a catalyst to figure out that they are not where they want to be. They were sleeping through their marriage, and now they're awake. Unfortunately, they're still sleeping (metaphorically) in separate beds. If they both realized the other was searching as desperately and desired change as much as they each do, maybe they would stand a chance. I'm not concerned about their marriage. We didn't know them as a happily married couple, so seeing them break apart (even if it's to eventually come together again) isn't painful. I'm enjoying the journey. I'd rather learn how people reignite their passion for life through a fictional TV couple than by having to do something detrimental to my own life. I also agree with Neil and Adriana being wonderful together. The series is called Satisfaction, not Rediscovering Marriage. It's about their search for happiness. Anika being with two unhappy parents isn't good. I grew up with two married people who were friends, but not lovers. They weren't satisfied and I've struggled with relationships all my life. The best thing Neil and Grace can do for Anika is to find true love and show her what it means.


As far as the criminal case and the bombing, I too believe it was the commissioners doing. I believe at one point, we headed one of the specialist clearly state to Tracy, that they had swept the entire contents of the bomber home, and found no more explosive.
Andy and Sam started out so sweet, but I was nervous about the clearly flirting between Nick and Andi ,through out the episode. The final scene in the evidence room, helped me see their still truly in love. Poor Chole, her nieve innocence, and denial by omission, was hard to watch. I don't believe that she's harboring any feelings for her ex ,but the multiple lies or half truths has taken a toll on Dov and his trust. I think they can get it back but hopefully by next season, they are still invested and her ex isn't hovering around to try and sabotage things.

Arrow Cast: Before They Were Heroes

Manu Bennett: Before he portrayed Slade Wilson's tragic devolution into the villainous
Deathstroke, before he was the white orc Azog in "The Hobbit", or
Crixus on "Spartacus", he guest-starred as Marc Antony on "Xena: Warrior Princess"! That would probably be the first place American audiences would have spotted Manu Bennett. Incidentally, "Xena" actually guest-starred quite a number of familiar faces: Ted Raimi, Karl Urban, Bruce Campbell, Timothy Omundson, and Melinda Clarke, just to name a few!

Arrow Cast: Before They Were Stars

You forgot Manu Bennett! Before he portrayed Slade Wilson's tragic devolution into the villainous Deathstroke, before he was the white orc Azog in "The Hobbit", or Crixus on "Spartacus", he was Marc Antony on "Xena: Warrior Princess"!

A yes is always better when it starts as a know.

...as a no!!!

Well, if it isn’t boy wonder.

from which episode is this quote taken?

Rookie Blue Review: Spreading the Misery

Am more interested in knowing who the ultra sound belonged to. its not obvious that it belongs to Marlo. Ilove Mcswarek and the honeymoon phase.I miss Steve and Traci. Why did he say he missed her when he is the one who broke up with her? That gala should have gone ahead, even for 10 minutes

Satisfaction Review: A Different Perspective

Last night obviously gave the impression that Neil and Grace are headed for a separation. I thought he had gotten it when he told her she was right and they needed to spend more time together, then setting up dance lessons. Then from Graces perspective she misses him. I live with a 40 year old man I never see. Then he says to the woman on a date. This is what it's all about for me the connection the communication. Yet no communication between him and Grace. The other thing I don't get is he has time to go to Adrianna's. He has time to go on dates. Yet Grace is sitting home alone sipping wine. What's Up!
The photographer is not out of the picture. Grace is intrigued by him. He is smitten by Grace. He gave her a hug when they showed up, not Stephanie. He showed up at Grace's home the episode before. He sent her a photograph trying to arouse her interest. He makes her the center piece of the photo shoot. I think he's going to breakfast with Stephanie to keep in touch with Grace. The relationship between Stephanie and him is going to go no where.
I hope Simon is out of the picture, but you know Adrianna is going to enlist him to occupy Grace. I think the show is backwards. I think they should have spent more time in the first episodes developing the characters more and then leading up to the infidelities. I'm also wondering what's going on at the end, the package that Grace found. That I believe, was left by the computer guy for Neil. So with Grace intercepting the package is she now going to gain insight into what Neil is looking for?

@ Jojobobo

I agree with you. After last week's dance at the new design studio, I really thought we would see a romantic bedroom scene between the two, but no . While Grace may try to create distance between Dylan and her self ,they both seem to be smitten with each other, and I think next week, will bring even more lite to the fact. I was happy not to see Grace and her lover slash boyfriend together this week, since I had hoped it was a sign that she's maybe rethinking her cheating, but it looks like she's just thinking about maybe a replacement, Dylan. As to the package, I was kinda thinking that Neil set it up for her to see it ,to see if she might catch on to what Neil is trying to do. And yes I believe your right about how this ends. Grace had been checked out of this marriage with all the sexual and emotional affair with Damon, before last night, and after last night, she was pretty clear that she's not happy at all, with everything else involving her marriage, which is really sad because between the revelation Neil had on the escort date, and the scene of him standing over Grace, and the tender spooning, I think he's getting really close to deciding that he wants to stop the games, and save their marriage. Just don't get the bedding Adriana thing.Pity or revenage? I see the series final epilog as Grace moving back to France, probably alone, and Neil ending up in some sunny climate, maybe working on his feelings app . with their only contact revolving around Anika.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6: How Will Elena Cope?

Okay, a few thoughts about this teaser:
1. Is this supposed to make us exciting about the "new turn" the show is taking? Elena is whining. Again. Like we haven't seen her cry for five fucking seasons already (and god, Nina has become ugly when she cries, she used to have a lot more grace to it).
2. Where the FUCK is Bonnie? This is the second time she died for Elena's sake, but does Elena even care? Helllll no, it's Damon, Damon, Damon, boohoo, Damon, lemme take some drugs so I can see Damon, boohoo. Hello? Elena, your best friend, who you've known ALL YOUR LIFE, just died AGAIN and all you can think about is the manwhore who killed your brother about three times, raped and abused your best friend (and didn't even apologize) and attempted to kill everyone you care about at least once?
3. How about we see some more of Stefan? I'd say losing his brother, with whom he has had a complicated relationship (to say the least) for a century and a half is a lot more interesting than some stupid, self-centered snowflake crying about her boyfriend, whom she's been with for like six months (and in those six months they broke up about 37 times) and who has made her feel like crap basically since the moment he walked into her life, except for those three months she spent having endless gross sex while her actual soulmate was drowning for HER SAKE. Again.
4. Where's Jeremy? Do people not realize that this is the third (fourth, if you count Bonnie's death in the season four finale as well) that this guy has lost his girlfriend? And again, Julie wants us to pity Elena. She has to start understanding that she can't sell Elena as the heroine of the show anymore. You don't get a medal for fucking two brothers within 24 hours. You don't get a pat on the back for not caring that your boyfriend almost killed your brother AGAIN. You don't deserve to whine and complain and cry when all you've done in five seasons is draw the attention to yourself. You can't expect us to root for a selfish, self-centered, empty, no-brained person who goes completely against canon by having her have some ridiculous speech about how all she sees is a future with a manwhore self-proclaimed serial killer. That's not a heroine, that's a pathetic excuse of a woman. How about they finally let her have some backbone? But noooo, let's try and attract the DE-stans again. Have they learned nothing from the tanking ratings at all? Delena does not deliver because it doesn't have anything substantial, except for sex - poorly acted sex, I might add. I shall now start praying to a God I don't even believe in that season six will be the last. (Besides, Julie, how do you wanna make ten seasons? No one ever believed that Paul/Stefan is seventeen to begin with. Ian/Damon looks at least thirty, not twenty-two. Nina/Elena looks in her twenties, not eighteen. Save some face, Julie, for the love of god.)


Thanks for the review Carissa. I am not sure if it will come through, my comments or not, but I am a little more humble, about this show today. The reason that so many see this as just another show cheating, and extramarital sex, is partly due to the constant way it is promoted that way by the network, and the fact that every episode, even painfully, last night, at least one or both, of the these guys having sex. It's hard to find or see anything else in their characters, when just when you think they may be coming to some kind of realization of their relationship, , they end up in bed with someone else.
Anika is struggling, as any 16 year old would with boys, and her talent. Like mother, like daughter. I am more worried what will happen when she finds out about her parents.
I have to agree that I saw Grace, in alot different light, after last night. It was refreshing, not to see her turning to her lover, this week, for what ever reason. She's clearly smitten with Dylan, for the way he makes her see herself, and the confidence he brings out in her. She may reel in her feelings for him, out of respect for her sister, and keeping her secrets, however I am not sure about Dylan backing away. The interaction between her and Adriana, while, sometimes sexual charged, on Adriana ' s part, really did give me a lot more insight into what Grace is seeing and feeling. A little redeeming of her character, for me ,but for me, maybe the final realization that she's truly ready to leave this marriage. After all her great revelations last night, I don't see anyway this will end well for Neil or their marriage.
The only thing I can say about Neil last night, is dude, what are you thinking? I was on board with his project , and yes, I also think the mirror reflection, is a part of the whole concept, and I really thought him walking out on the date was going to be and may still be, one of the most defining moments of this whole mess. I don't think I am alone here, but I was kinda thinking that given the scene setup, and with both Neil and Anika dates abruptly ending early, we were going to see Grace and Adriana, caught in some kind of sexual embrace, by either Neil or Anika. Kinda happy they didn't go there, and watching Neil spooning with Grace, was great, however it just proved just how different directions these 2 are headed. This for me was the most awakening, yet the saddest scene all night. However, what is Neil thinking having sex with Adriana? Hated it. She clearly is jealous of what she sees in Grace and Neil but I don't understand the point Neil was going for.
Do you think that Neil had the new What Do You Need computer, delivered with the intention of Grace opening it? Do you think Grace saw it as Neils way of asking her or was all that intense thought her once again questioning her life, and marriage? Anyone else see last night as the signal of the end of the marriage, for Grace and the exact opposite for Neil?
Thanks again for allowing me to rant.

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