I was surprised at Ragnar's request to be baptized although the loss of Athelstan becomes more intense and poignant as each episode plays out. Ragnar has a big hole in his heart that's for sure. I'm certain he's not dying since Vikings can't move on without its king and Travis Trammel continues to be absolutely outstanding as Ragnar even when he's actually doing very little his presence still shines brightly out of those feverish eyes.


A lot depends on where Lowell gets his brains from, something they avoided delving into this episode. Also, as with many series based on comic books, I hate that they are tied to the inevitable 'end game' with any romances. Liv doesn't have that much chemistry with Major and the TV writers should be free to take her character in whatever direction works for her. At least Major is not obnoxious and you can see why they were together in the first place - unlike Laurel Lance and Arrow, and Iris West and the Flash. Often in order to keep the characters separate to create drama, they end up making one of the pair so awful that you can't understand what anyone sees in them in the first place....

Bitten Review: The Season of the Witch

I love this show. It's one of my favorite supernatural shows so I can't believe that I didn't know it returned last night. I'm glad I found out yesterday before it did so I could watch today. If not I would have completely missed it. The pack doesn't seem to trust the witches or like them so I don't know what to think of them. Right now I think they're pretty cool and I like them and I want to trust them but I don't yet. Not until we get more on them. I'm interested in the witch Paige because she just seems like a fun witch. I want to know more about her. I predict that the pack and witches will need to work together so they'll be on the same side and we'll be able to trust them or some of them. I assume their will be bad witches just like there's bad wolves. I'm kind of liking this seasons Elena. Last season she didn't want to kill people and wanted a normal life and now this season she's ripping out guys' tongues and wanting to kill Malcolm. It's so much fun to watch.

12 Monkeys Season 1 Report Card: Grade It!

You know, on IMDB, they list a Bryan Edwards as The Witness and has him listed for 2 Episodes; The Keys and The Red Forest. I don't recall seeing this guy, but will have to rewatch. I wonder if he's under makeup or masked. Anyone pick him out?

@ Rico Muscatel

The guy in the old tyme gas mask, was shown. That was the WITNESS.

Agents of SHIELD Round Table: The Cavalry

It's already been revealed that there will never be any Avengers cameos on AoS. The various movie actors contracts make it too cost prohibitive. Knowing that, I'm content to enjoy the show for what it is rather than get angry and frustrated for what it will never be.

Ronald simkins
Daredevil Review: Avocados At Law

I don't think these episodes slowed down as much as they dove deeper into the this (of course) origin season. The whole background with Matt and Foggy in college explained how betrayed Foggy felt. But I am a sucker for those kind of "buddy" beginnings. I also was shocked with the whole "poisoning" ploy - also have no idea who was behind it which is good. All in all a solid if not "flashy" couple of episodes.


Outstanding drama that is so well-acted that you feel like you are watching real lives play out. It is hard to watch sometimes but when you recognize the truth of the human condition, you must look to understand the world in which we live. There is such sadness and desperation in Carter holding on to the one person he believes cares about him but who is so wrong for him. The hateful mother trying to paint a picture of what she wants her dead son to have been. Oh my so many interwoven stories. I can't wait to see how it turns out. One real villain for me is the guy in jail trying to avoid extradition. Plus, the police trying to get Carter no matter what. That saddens me.


Vampire Diaries need a big change. With Dobrev leaving... Play around with the cure whatever.... But at the end of the series: Kill Elena and Damon just goes crazy. Than move the show to New Orleans. Id say the show should follow a similar formula to Chicago Fire & PD. Shared Universe... Have plenty of cameos for both shows when needed. Do a couple full crossovers each season.


Terri, you asked so here goes( hahaha) : Why must we subject ourselves to so much grief ! There I said it. Don't get me wrong, this installment was a step up from the previous ones, which may have to do with Catherine AND Francis telling Mary off, but it's stll not enough ! I so wish Catherine had slapped Mary. She showed restraint, but her words were like lashes ! And like most of y'all, I was abusing my screen with cheers lol. I agree that Mary didn't show much remorse... Though she "came back" to Francis' side, I don' know. Is it a little too late (for me anyway).
Bash though, my gosh. I didn't see that coming. To stop the prophecy from becoming true he killed Clarissa. That was just cold... Like, wow. I said in my previous comment that his actions were taking him closer to the pagan world and darkness, well that one sure did. Lo and behold, Francis woke up right after that. Eerie...
Keena, is there nothing else for that character. I mean, like seriously?
Lola went downhill for me. Supporting Mary into hurting Francis, her "friend" and not figuratively slapping some sense into her, is just appalling !
Mary and Conde were just , well, boring. And aww poor Conde had a bit of a tantrum, boo hoo ! This girl is a total idiot ! Francis putting her in her place was just brilliant. Poor thing just woke and had to deal with this crap. Well he can't just sit there and take the humiliation anymore, it was about damn time !
Claude and Leith, I agree that something sparked. But I love him with Greer and that's that. Can it work out on the long term given her "profession" probably not. But right now is enough.
Reign is testing me. They didn't kill Francis this time (thought it was bad timing anyways), and that was good. But this show...It took me everything I had to watch it. Terri, your review was spot on and I can tell you're growing tired of this farce of a show too !

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@ Emy

I am! And I love EVERYTHING you had to say. I hope you feel better having got that off your chest. Lol. So glad you stopped by and shared. If you quit the show I'll understand, but would miss your input. :)

@ Terri Clark

Thanks. I do feel better. I love that you interact with the commenters. Some reviewers don't and it's sad. I will miss that if/when I stop watching this show. I will watch until the finale though. No point in me giving up now. Can't say about next season though....


I know everyone here clearly adores Rayna/Deacon, but I am just not one of these fans, maybe I was the first two seasons, but at this point they are the most anoying part of the show for me, besides Scarlet and Gunnar. Do not get me wrong, I love Nashville, and I love Rayna herself, just not the love story. I do not like it from the moment she dumped Luke so ugly and played the victum after that. The songs he sang the last few episodes were my favourite,I really felt his broken heart, it stil takes him a lot to see her. I like Jeff at the moment as well, really like that Layla is more mature now and can see him clearly, and she still knew she had to support him at the end, her taking his hand was great.