Arrow Round Table: What's Next for Laurel?

Thank you Carla & Carissa, this Diggle fan will just sit in a corner and try to remind myself that there are those of us that knew he & Sara weren't close. That Diggle actually has his own family to honor. The entire episode I kept screaming at my screen, "What about Andy's murder, Diggle?" As for Felicity, I'll support anything that limits her time in the lair right about now. She gets to have her life, she gets to be around people that respect her for being a genius level MIT grad. I may not care about Ray, but I care about what his presence offers her, freedom from what that lair dynamic felt like in 3x2.

Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Blame Canada

I was giving this show a chance but last night's episode gave me serious reservations.... No one ever says that 1812 was won by the states... The debate is whether the Brits/Canadians schooled the US or not.

The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Shiny Objects

Love seeing Carrie Preston again and sure hope she ok but she is quirky and that's what I love about her...as far as Kalinda she's ok but also untrustworthy seems she justs sleeps with people just to use them...Alicia running is ok but don't like seeing her depending on Peter..don't want her back with him at all!!!

Z Nation Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Resurrection Z

For me this single episode changed how I felt towards the show. I thought it was going to be all silly b-movie style giggles and laughs, but now I really think it turned a more serious corner for the better. I know they can't keep killing the main characters, but they can keep up the suspense of not knowing who is going to die and who is not. Best episode yet in my opinion.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 4 Review: The Apprentice

I love Rumple and all his darkness but tonight, the cruel and evil way with which he played on Killian's darkest fears - namely that he hasn't truly changed and that he doesn't deserve Emma - made me cringe. I hated Rumple calling Killian a "puppy" when the later has the strength to be better and fight for the woman he loves while the former has done no such thing. There is nothing more manly than fighting with your heart and soul for the one you love, like Killian has.
He had the very best reasons and motive for a very unwise decision...The Dark One manipulated him and messed with his mind in the most cruel way. And while I ache for Killian and can't bear to see him in pain, I'm also extremely excited for this storyline because it gives both Colin and Robert the opportunity to shine and demonstrate their considerable acting skills.
I didn't think of the possibility of Rumple lying to Killian and the hand being cursed indeed...I wish we would find out, but I don't know if we will to be honest.
I hope that Killian will tell Emma the truth yet - just like he did when Pan revealed Neal's existence and whereabouts to him back in Neverland. He didn't tell her when Zelena was blackmailing him but back then he was trying to protect Henry and her family. And back then the Charmings and Emma didn't trust him enough to not turn their back on him (3x19 was extremely painful for all Hooked fans of OUAT), even if it was just momentarily. I thinkå there's a good reason why the writers made a point of Emma telling Killian in 4x03 that "of course" she trusts him.
Now Killian has people in his life who trust and care about him, possibly even love him. I'm hoping that Emma will fight for her man, just like he's fought for her. It was wonderful seeing them both so happy during their date. The focus on their hands, intertwining and touching was beautiful and heartbreaking all at once because Killian wanted his hand back just so that he could do those things and be closer to the woman he loves (which made his deal with Rumple so much more loaded with bittersweet emotion). I loved Emma feeling so safe with Killian that she revealed a softer side to him she's never revealed to anyone before. Being loved like she is by Killian lends a certain freedom and softness to her that is extremely beautiful to watch. I'm so grateful to Adam and Eddy for continuously telling their story on this level, showing us a real relationship that's simultaneously one of the most magical I've ever seen on TV - if not THE most magical.
That kiss...no words. All the love and tenderness of the world was in it.
Part of me wishes that this was not the last time we saw Killian Jones hold Emma Swan with both hands...


Im planing on getting a pocket watch. I want this quote ingraved in side the lid. :D

Homeland Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Iron in the Fire

I almost decided to drop the whole Homeland season this year (14) but started the next episode (4) where Carrie jumps the virgin! She is totally out of it because her actions don't square with her new overseas job.


This show has quickly became one of my favorites. Definitely best new show. Reminds me of The West Wing which is the only TV show that I bought a complete DVD set of and have watched at least three time from beginning to end.

Tanya moat
@ retiredgolfer

It's really growing on me too. I wasn't very impressed with the pilot, but it has vastly improved since then and will hopefully continue to do so. It got a huge sampling for the pilot episode and it's number shrunk considerably after it. I hope people are DVRing it because it's much, much better now.

25 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

Nate Fisher [Six Feet Under]


nah i don't want laura to get back together with her ex. i want her to end up with her partner billy instead

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