I found the Ward scenes great. Infiltrating an enemy base, the split scenes and so on. Now I dont think they are going to be able to dedicate much time to Ward/Agent 33 from here on (and Im sad that we wont see Ming Na playing 'bad' ) anymore but it was good while it lasted.

Derek st john

Agent Carter: definitely!


Hi. I saw that posting a few moments ago. Your guess that they would separate seems to be indicated in that interview. She also teases that some different wrinkles may be in store for us.


If you stop in at Szostak's twitter account (stephshortstak), it has a link to a short interview that she gave and answered some questions about Season 2.


I think Hawkgirl is one of the characters we've never seen on TV before... No?

@ Henry A. Otero

No. Apparently she was in an episode of Smallville as well as in the Justice League.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Oh really? See I stopped watching Smallville around the time Michael Rosenbaum left. I watched some of the final season, but I wasn't as anal about missing episodes back then.

Ronald simkins

I totally disagree about Scandal the end game is apparent and it is not feminist. Olivia will wind up with the the incredibly flawed murderer Fitz and they will make jam in Vermont how cozy. When she should screw them both and kill her father.

Arrow Round Table: Can Someone Check on Roy?!?

Can someone please tell me why Lance doesn't know Oliver is the Arrow. It's so blaringly obvious to me and not just because I'm supposed to know. I've been astounded by how many people couldn't figure it out. Felicity found out in season 1 and she barely knew Oliver then. Laurel was even able to figure it out on her own. I love Thea but I'm surprised she never suspected. But Lance, he is supposed to be a detective it's his job to find this stuff out.


I thought this episode was very well crafted. Looking back on it actually not a lot happened but it was so finely tuned and set things up for S6 so well. Re: Fr. Gabriel I thought I saw that the moment with Sasha had him breaking through his guilt-ridden craziness and start to come round. Time will tell. Carol is just awesome, awesome, awesome. Loved the way they resolved the Pete, Deanna, Rick storyline. And loved Morgan coming back. (Spoiler Alert) I was really afraid Glenn was going to die because I've heard he does in the comics. I'm glad he didn't. He's also one of my favorite characters. I also enjoyed hearing the defending speeches from the family. Our daughter started watching the series from the beginning recently so we're getting to relive every moment. Really fun to do.

Sp mckenna
@ Marc Bridgham

I was worried about Glenn, too. I agree that the finale overall did a good job transitioning things and setting stuff up for S6.


Those scenes with Kevin torturing Ben were a little hard to watch. I never imagined that his hatred towards Ben was because of the affair that Ben had with Jess, but that Kevin was really channeling his outrage over his own wife's infidelity. I agree that Ben should have run away from the warehouse, and not keep going higher up to try and get a signal. I am really loving this show, and hope that it is more than just a miniseries, but if it would only continue with Juliette Lewis than maybe it should just end this May.


It seems like this season went fast. I am really glad that Kev and V finally reunited, I was worried about those two. Fi and her men, I don't think she will ever truly settle down. I feel for Ian, but I don't think Monica is the answer. I hope that Mickey and the rest of the Gallaghers track him down, and are able to convince him to come back home. I haven't enjoyed Sammi this season, but I am glad that she is not dead. I wonder if we are going to see Carl and Chuckie in the season finale.