Vikings Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Born Again

Man Athelstan... That is going to be tough, watching the show without him in it. I knew he would die, hell, no one is safe if they didn't exist. Take Siggy ! But so soon...It a hard blow. Watching Ragnar carry his body did for me. I couldn't. Then his speech and the ending. Wow. That was some pretty heavy stuff.
Floki, it's about damn time he got some bell-ringing. His animosity was just too much.And after that poor farmer told them about what went down in Wessex his smug face, the fact that he couldn't wait to say "I told you so" was just disgusting. Nice one writers, now I absolutely hate Floki !
Did anyone think Floki morphed into that dog that was following Rollo ? Creepy, freaked me out it did !
Thorunn giving birth was hard to watch and pimping out Bjorn was just wrong. Though I guess that's what he needed since he gave in so quickly ! Such a nice touch, giving his baby Siggy's name.
Judith's scene was very strange. I didn't see it coming, but it was awful. Then Egbert's reasoning behind her supposedly "divine pregnancy" was just too much cray-cray. Like WTF was all that about ?
I agree that Orik's son is up to no good. Vengeance is written all over him.
IT WAS CREEPY how the music died, people stopped talking and started staring when Athelstan walked in the main hall. The opening scene was really nice... I am really going to miss Ragnar and Athelstan's Bromance... Didn't it feel like a bromance triangle with Floki ? Guess the jilted bro took out the competition ugh ?
So Paris next. Lagertha needs to watch her 6 ! The Marble city will be her downfall, the signs are coming true, the bloody crops and all that. Please writers, don't kill Lagertha too !!!!

Archer Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Pocket Listing

Great episode! Great context! Archer is excellent. Strange that not everybody seems to understand that.

Amy jackey

It would be cool if Matt and Tyler sings together.

Shelly gage

I don't care for the "real SHIELD" storyline at all and I'm SO disappointed in Mack and Bobbi. At this point the only good thing I can see coming out of it is May kicking Mockingbird's a** in an upcoming episode. If they don't deliver that I'm going to be super-disappointed.
I am super frustrated in Simmons right now but I think I can see where they are going with this. Fitz hit on it. She's still upset/guilty about how he's been changed (and I love how they've worked with that this season) and how Ward "changed" when his true colors were revealed. Add in the fall of SHIELD due to Hydra infiltration and she's reeling. Right now she's trying like crazy to keep anyone or anything else from changing. I get that but I do hope she'll have the same epiphany soon.

11 Shows That Should Be Canceled Immediately

I agree with all of these except New Girl, which in my opinion dipped in quality from season one to season two, then has been improving since then. I find it interesting that Mr. Daily mentions The Mindy Project because I can't bear to watch more than three seconds of that basic, narcissistic, overly-privileged awfulness.


I was truly disturbed by Judith's scene. I know there's 'an eye for an eye' in the Old Testament, but nowhere else (to my knowledge) does it say to cut off body parts for various offenses. Jesus portrays God as a loving God in the New Testament. These 'so-called' Christians seemed to have forgotten that. But I guess that was the way of it back then. More murders and mutilation take place in the name of religion than any other reason. Forgive my rant...
Otherwise...this was a great episode! I will definitely miss Athelstan, he was a huge part of the show. I'm not loving Floki anymore. He simply hated Athelstan and what he stood for; a serious threat to the Viking gods.
RIP, Athelstan.


If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times; don’t watch any ABC previews or promos for “Castle.” With very, very few exceptions they either do them poorly, inaccurately (i.e. bait and switch), spoilery, or all of the above. Never, never, never watch a “Castle” promo until *after* you’ve seen the episode (via Youtube or whatever) if you’re just curious to see them. They always taint the whole episode. And as long as you guys have been reviewing this show you should know that by now. ??? This show is always much better when you go in without expectations and just let it wash over you. I think that might be one reason it does so well in syndication - no previews. If you've never seen the episode before you don't know what you're going to get until the episode begins.


"Terrorist brushes his teeth; film at 11:00." Our NCIS Round Table for this episode is now up. Be sure to chime in on the questions for yourself: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2015/...

Vikings Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Born Again

I will miss Athelstan, but i don't hate Floki for killing him. We all knew it was going to come to that one day. Floki is a tried and true Viking. he never trusted Athelstan, he never believed that he was no longer a Christian. I don't want Floki to die.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: Who Gets a Happy Ending?

The show needs to stop with Happy Endings and start having character realize that it doesn't exist. Everyone is happy then something bad happens because that's life. Snow and Charming have got their happy ending about 20 times but then stuff happens because literally everything in your life has consequences. I'm not really into calling Hook a hero simply because after a significant amount of time after violating a young girl he could get something from her if he helped her. Although maybe Hook should question his happy ending because Emma never seems into him unless she's making out with him for some bland fanservice I do definitely hope Emma gets a better boyfriend for her "happy ending". After everything she's been through she deserves someone great. And maybe someone Jennifer Morrison can occasionally act like she's not completely indifferent to. Plus, Hook and Emma have yet to face any obstacle at all. It's really too bad the Author story and everything with the book is so discontinuous. Imagine what would have happened if the writers actually PLANNED or paid attention to what they've written so it makes sense!

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