I may be wrong but I don't think Crosby's behavior stems from him missing the single life. It seems as though the issue may be deeper. I think that sometimes, rather than underscoring the value of life, occurrences such as Zeek's health scare can instead compel some people to want to push the boundaries in their own lives. Maybe that's what Crosby is doing, particularly as he's not really a person who expresses his emotions very often?


TVD!!!! i wanted to quit after season 5, but season 6 is pulling me back in strong! love that we're exploring stefan's system, seeing how he lived as a vampire, and the bonnie/damon/kai storyline is so much fun, and the flashbacks are very season 1; the reveal of sarah is also reminiscent of season 1 too. The writers have really turned it around, a good interesting storyline does wonders for a show, welcome back to my must-watch list tvd!

Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 5 Review: Pornstar's Requiem

This is why if I was a chick, I'd only do lesbian porn.

Ronald simkins

So Damon not only killed a pregnant woman but also Zach? Why do I think that Sarah is the payback on Damon when he returns. Perhaps she is the baby that survived Damon's attack in 1994 (20 years later?) Zach's daughter? How deliciously twisted is this! Also glad to see Matt, Jeremy and Alaric included in an episode. Quite frankly I am really bored with Elena/Stephan/Damon eternal braid or a I like to think of it "The Neverending Story"
Of course no matter what the fallout nothing will affect Damon.

@ isoron

Do you mean nothing will affect Damon.. or nothing will affect him Emotionally?

19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 12

Streaming 19 Kids and Counting 14x12 "All About Jill" ► http://x.co/5ghRT ◄ 10 best free song RIHANA (original).

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Throwback Thursday

Yes to a good Alex story & more Jolex! I miss their scenes. Also interested to learn more about Amelia since I didn't watch Private Practice, but she seems so interesting so far. I really miss April so far this season, but have really enjoyed less Jackson. Hes really lost points with me since becoming the board lead. I liked it better when he was hiding being Harper Avery's grandson from everyone & self-conscious about his name. I think that journey of confidence was taken too fast.


Conde and Mary! Their gaze during the Christening! The ship is sailing, I can FEEL it!

25 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

For me it was Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) from ER. Granted the show has ended, but still...


Loved this episode!! Love Bamon and Kai and Defan scenes. Super loved Alaric pouring out his feelings to a Jeremy. Sorry, I could careless about Elena and her compulsion. I'm just so glad this season is focused more on other characters and storylines.

Revenge Photo Gallery: Who Visits David Clarke?

eeeee cant wait... sh*t just got real!!!

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