Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Throwback Thursday

I agree with Krystal, I'm VERY interested in Amelia's story. I love her!!!

@ Vi08

I LOVE Amelia, too. I'm so glad she's on board at GSMH now.


This Hetty-centric story arc makes for a nice twist in the usual "case of the week" approach and Hunt CRUSHES it. My favorite was "oops...touchy trigger"--c'mon, who couldn't laugh at that?!?!?!? As for the identity of the mole, I'd LOVE for it to be Granger--I just don't trust the smarmy bastard--but that would be too obvious. It would have to be a secondary character we'd never suspect--like that congressman or the admiral.

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 9 Review: Flatline

The youngest Doctor was Matt Smith who was born in 1982 the oldest who has since died was William Hartnell who was born in 1908 and many were born from 1919 to 1959.

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Chapter Two

yeah, i totally rolled my eyes when i saw the first promo and totally intended to not watch...but then I saw gina rodriguez on ellen and figured if she could have that much personality on a talk show, she could definitely carry a show. glad i was not disappointed! the fast pace, coupled with the soap-y story lines make this show a must see.

The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Front

This season so far is not very good tbh, maybe because the first season had so many episodes? Idk its just missing that spark to me.

The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Front

Very good episode!


Ooh I love Roger Howarth! So I can't wait for this!!

Sarah silva

What was your favorite quote or scene in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3?
I too am liking 1994 Bonnie and Damon. What is Kai really doing in 1994 with Bonnie and Damon?
Leigh, you and are on the same page about Kai. Have your thoughts on Elena's compulsion changed after seeing everyone's reactions to it?
I am 50/50 on this. Elena would have been miserable and would have kept taking those herbs so that she could see Damon. That would not have been good for her to keep doing that. So that part is good. However it will but some distance between her and everyone because they can not talk with her about the past. How is Enzo going to escape Tripp?
Caroline Where did Jeremy's new girlfriend go and what's her real purpose in town?
At this point I do not trust her.
After last weeks episode I did say she is Bonnie's half sister. I am not sure where she went, back to the Salvatore mansion? I would love for her to be there for good reasons and that would be to bring Damon and Bonnie back. Maybe she needs to be in the Salvatore mansion and then somehow her and Bonnie can feel each others presence and they will be able to work together to do a spell that will bring them back to the present. Liv and Tyler: yay or nay?
I am not a fan of Liv's so NAY.

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9 Shocking Deaths on The Walking Dead

For me the most shocking or my top 1 is Hershel's death... i was so emotional when i watched this episode. Usually i watch each episode several times but not this episode. I was so affected by his sudden death! I cried a lot.. i just missed his character so much! Sigh...

NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 4 Review: The 3rd Choir

The best scene was undoubtedly Hetty leaving the kangaroo courtroom. Second best was when it was just her and the slimeball Congressman. She was far too polite.
I like how Nate has become a part of the team, in a way. He's a good head shrinker...not intrusive yet still able to lead the team to understanding their troubles.
And also someone who can be trusted to have your back. Why isn't Granger being interrogated?
Something tells me Granger is the mole. He has never been much more than an arrogant asshole, always ready to pull rank and sharpshoot decisions, yet when the going gets ugly, he's never able to get there in time to help. I'd love to see him get a little "wall-to-wall" counseling.

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