I like Blue Bloods I really do but can they please show less of Danny and have more Jamie, Erin, Frank, and grandfather episode. Danny is dumb he should have waited for back up but Frank needs to suspend him just like in season 4 when Jamie got in trouble for staying with boy
And he disobey his boss and went hospital with the kid. But Danny breaks rules goes into a killer house or wherever he was and almost gets himself killed Baez should also have laid into him. Jl I liked the Frank storyline I didn't like that lady Erin I hope zhe stays DA I like her in That role. I also Liked Jamie and Eddie storyline I hope they get front and center this year

Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Absolute Power

I was an on and off Blue Bloods watcher the first few seasons. I became a regular viewer when Marisa Ramirez joined as Baez I had been a fan for a while and was happy she was joining an established show. Sadly she is basically just Danny's sidekick. Baez is poorly written in order to showcase SUPERDANNY. Ramirez is just being wasted I've sene her do good work going back to her days on
General Hospital. She was probably better doing guest spots on other shows than just being Danny's less than competent sidekick. Maybe they could give Danny is own spinoff so he REALLY can be the STAR of EVERY episode!


Please get rid of the Captain Santini character. She is messing up a good story with her "Necessary Roughness" attitude.
Please bring back Frankie. We loved her quirkiness.


Why the even bring Catherine back is beyond me. These 2 episodes she has not added anything interesting to the show. SHe had been useless, cant the writers see that? WHy the writers brought her back in the first place anyway? She and Steve has not had any chemistry in these 2 episodes. Get ride of her and I hope next week it be the episode when finally she is GONE for good and never return. SInce she returned Steve had wanted to talk to her about their relationship but they have not even talked so far and if she was in love with him she will make the time, but she only like distant herself. That is not a good sign of a healthy relationship. Hoping next week will be Catherine last role on the show. I also have to agree with some that the Kono/Adam yakuza story is starting to get tedious and boring. I mean is ok if we see they are married but Kono needs to go out and work and do her job with the team, and writers focus on the poilce work not on the love stories. so much. Too much Jerry also is not helping either. Why cant they focus more on the 4 core work team like in Season 1 what is so wrong with that??

Hell on Wheels Review: The Waterboy

Decent episode, but lacking in tension as we knew the cholera outbreak wasn't going to kill any of the main cast, least of all Bohannon. I was relieved to see Ezra had survived the Swede, and I get the feeling the "baby" storyline isn't over yet, I get the feeling Elam will track Toole down in New York and bring her back, which means we'll have to suffer more of his tedious family story for longer.


it's only the 2nd or 3rd week for some shows and people are freaking out at ratings over a 2? Mysteries of Laura had a 1.2 two weeks in a row and fans are screaming for renewal. A writer said CHICAGO PD was a guaranteed renewal even though it hadn't shown an episode(the first episode did a 1.9, WOW!) and only finished 40th in last seasons TV GUIDE TOP 50. Is there really nothing to write about? Everybody needs to chill out and let's see where everything is in another 2 weeks.


Well, given the geography of everyone's bodies, Im gonna guess Sinclair and Annalise got into a fight, sinclair pretty much lost it given the state of her fate, and was somehow thrown out the window but not before she got a shot in, and in this case, a shot in Annalise. There, mystery's solved. As for the students, we already know they don't rely on common sense or even reflexion when put into an abnormal situation.

Castle Season 8 Episode 2 Review: XX

I actually loved those 2 episodes, really intense and intriguing from the beginning. The ending was really emotional and powerful and I am not angry about it really, it was a great way to shake things up in a way that somewhat still makes sense.
Yeah it's awesome having them together but sometimes you need such things to happen in order to evoke feelings in viewers, different than happiness and keep the interest and the show fresh. That being said, if this is the last season, I think it would be really powerful to end it with them getting that big bad CIA guy (hope it's not a lame plot twist of Castle's dad which wouldn't make sense anyways, just make it good even if it's a guy we have never seen before) but also having one of them die so to not make it too cheesy (in my opinion) that indeed Beckett leaves Castle until she handles this stuff (and of course he will get involved and they will get him together even if not working entirely together) and then simply get a happily ever after. They are portraying those enemies as a really serious and a dangerous bunch, a professional organization. Letting them kill one of them would give a good strong send off to those lethal villains + emphasize on the fact that she decided to go on a really dangerous path that you never know what can come out out of it, putting everyone around you at risk and that you aren't in full control of the situation to simply deal with them and get an easy happily ever after just like that. Beckett made a critical decision so there should be consequences to that. (Hard to decide who fits more to be dead as either one of them can create really impactful moments and heartbreaking, shattering moments.)

Doctor Who Round Table: Mercy For All

i thought he was willing to use part of his regeneration energy to give davros his last sunrise because he felt guilty for leaving davros the boy to die( even though davros didn't die) but it was just a trick anyway


holly needs some real good lizard lap