I, too, am baffled as to why Tully isn't being utilized more.........I have a feeling a lot is going to be left in the air come the season finale..........


I love this show!! Ok, thinking outside of the box here. Why not arrest those that don't want to be there. Take them to the HQ and let them see in the helicopter and put them back into hibernation mode for a couple hundred years as punishment. It would shut them up and make them understand how "good" they have it. I'm sure life in Wayward would evolove even more in a few hundred years and maybe they can live with the changes better a 2nd time around. OMG Kate is annoying the crap out of me LOL. I am starting to like Theresa and I hope she punshed Teacher Fisher in the gut. She is the key to the mind control over the kids so I know they wont kill Fisher off, well not yet. Oh and so I'm guessing Ethan is the only person that can talk about the past now. People talk to Ben about the past but no punishment for it. Guess we are moving pass that now. Oh and poor Reggie for having a heart. Oh well. Still don't know if I like Pam. All in all I love the acting in this show. Bravo!!! Bravo!!!


So far this season of Extant has a different, and may I say, more interesting vibe to it. Less surrealism and more down to earth. Mollie's new look and strong personality are impressive. The actor (Morgan) who plays JD should fit in nicely. After all, he did portray the father of Sam and Dean on Supernatural. He's familiar with unearthly premises. I don't however, like what is happening to Julie's character. Molly and Julie are going to have a showdown and it isn't going to be pretty. Looking forward to the development of Lucy, and how she'll fit into the storyline. Season 2 is off to a good start.

Spindae 2o

So awesome and so awkward at the same time. Love that Caroline got center stage, hate Matt and Alaric weren't squeezed in.
Their eyes look creepy, like they are under some kind of spell. Can't wait to see how powerful the Heretics really are.


Well, I'd like to see how this ends as I did not read the books. I hope there's some fantastical twist to this because we seem to know everything now...or do we?


I'm still wondering about what Kate said last week concerning what she was told by a phone message about another agent trying to stop her and that this was a CIA op. I can't decide if that was a red herring or is there more to it. That being said, either way they are in a world of hurt now that the Abbys can get to them. I have thoroughly enjoyed this show and the characters.

Stacy glanzman
@ trd4197

I'm with you. I definitely think there's something to it. There needs to be an explanation of Adam Hassler's role in this.


Well I'm totally thinking that Mr. Robot is Elliot's alter-ego. As has been stated; nobody acknowledges Mr. Robot in any scene. Does Elliot talk out-loud to him or in his head? Seems clear to me that Elliot is the mastermind behind the 'fsociety'; he just doesn't remember what his other self is doing. Darlene is real, as we saw the interaction at Elliot's apartment, when he kicked her out. But she seemed distressed at Elliot; if she only knew what was going on in his brain! I don't think she has a clue. Where this whole show is going, I don't know...but I want to find out!!
And Tyrell...his scenes this episode were truly disturbing! What's his angle?


The scene with Vincent and Bob in the woods kind of reminded me of the fight against The End in the video game Metal Gear Solid 3.

Noisy from norway

For me it was the best episode of the season.

Graceland Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Sense Memory

Nice ep though I find Mike's whole near death experience visions a little off for this show this is Graceland not Proof. Briggs being a hypocrite is probably why he's my least favourite of the housemates before anyone wants to debate on who's sins are worst at least Paige admits and knows what she did was bad and is tying to make right with Mike, Briggs killed Badillo, lied about it for a year and tried to kill Mike last season at the bank job and he still walks around like he's the shining knight so I really hope he either owns up to his baggage or someone knocks him down a peg. Johnny is being reckless mostly cuz he's aiding and embedding Carlito all cuz he has a thing for the cartel boss' sis he's thinking with his heart not with his head and its not going to end well for him Jakes's comment about his creative incompetence was really accurate. Solid ep and looks promising.

@ Dean

Dude Paige tried to run away from everything. Only reason she's still around is cuz Mike begged her to stay remember, "please don't leave Paige".

@ Corey Lowe

At least she is trying to make it right. Briggs just pretends everything is normal.