"September 29, 2008"

River tells Michael he doesn't want him as his attorney unless he thinks he's innocent. Michael claims it doesn't matter and says he nee...

"The Serena Also Rises"

Dan wants to experience the world of Chuck Bass. That should work out well. Meanwhile, it's Fashion Week and that means big things for Jenny - as well as for Serena!

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"You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It."

Tree Hill is in an uproar as Nanny Carrie has finally gotten Haley where she wants her - unfortunately, that means both Haley and Jamie's...

"One of Us, One of Them"

What went down on the third hour of Heroes season three? Here's a recap of One of Us, One of Them...

"Pie Hole, Herb"

Alan goes to far to try and collect $38 he lent to Charlie and ends up getting kicked out and crashing with Herb and Judith; Evelyn gets Jake a job.

"The Codpiece Topology"

The guys return from the Renaissance fair and see Penny has already moved on to a new guy, Eric (Travis Schuldt), prompting Leonard to pursue a relationship with prior fling Leslie Winkle.

"The Best Burger in New York"

After Robin ends her cleanse diet, the gang heads off to find the best burger in New York with Regis's help.

"Chuck Versus the First Date"

Chuck prevents Colt (Michael Clarke Duncan) from obtaining a device that would lead to a new Intersect. Chuck is told this was his final spy mission.

"Six Month Leave"

A lot goes down on "Six Month Leave." Here's a recap of developments.

"Fire Sale"

The fourth episode of Entourage's fifth season, entitled "Fire Sale," follows Ari and Vince trying to sell the script "Smoke Jumpers" and Drama making an appearance on "The View."