Tuesday, July 17, 2007 Photo
"Tuesday, July 17, 2007"

As the credits begin, Cole hates the fact that Miles is forcing him to keep the truth about Todd from Starr. Time stands still as Miles ...

"Dating Game"

Bill discovers that an underground polygamist family, the Greenes, have returned to Utah to stop Bill from investing in Weber Gaming. Meanwhile, Bill has been secretly dating Ana, the waitress.

#5,103 Photo

As we begin, Nick tries to convince the CPS agent that this is all part of an effort by a vindictive Stephanie to hurt Brooke. Steph ac...

"Hail and Farewell"

This episode of Army Wives starts off with Frank just plain clearing out Jeremy's room. Just throwing things away, almost like he was tr...

"The Dream Team"

When the Medellin trailer is leaked online, Billy blames Eric; Drama gets a prescription for a medicinal marijuana facility just to buy a hat; Ari and Lloyd engage in sabotage in order to get Vince his next film.

"Sally Returns"

When Sally shows back up, Bret decides he wants to go after her as well. Both Bret and Jermaine show up to her birthday party with homemade presents are in for a shock when they see who she chooses.

"Vision Thing"

Bill finds himself attracted to a waitress, Ana. Joey meets Kathy, a potential new view. Bill asks his Uncle Eddie for a loan so he can make a bid on a Gaming company.

"Who We Are"

As everyone was waiting for Frank to come off the bus it was apparent that someone was noticeably absent - Lt. Col. Joan Burton. Rolan...

Bret begins dating Coco and Jermain keeps trying to tag along on the date. When Bret asks him to stop, Jermaine thinks Coco is trying to break up the band.

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