"Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure"

When Stewie finds out his future life is miserable, he attempts to go back in time and change things for the better.

"Bango Was His Name Oh"

Stewie convinces Brian to join him on a road trip to San Francisco to search for the man he believes to be his true father.

"Stewie B. Goode"

After losing at a swim competition, Stewie attempts to eliminate his rival by blowing up a lifeguard tower. Stewie has a near-death experience that changes him.

"Remember (2)"

In the mental health facility, Bree meets a man named Orson. Bree gets out when she hears a voicemail from Betty and goes to help. When she confronts Danielle and Matthew, he pulls out a gun.

Susan's Trailer
"Remember (1)"

In the first part of the season two finale, Lynette learns the woman she saw Tom with is Nora Huntington, a one-night stand Tom's from eleven years ago that possibly had a child with him.

"Where There's a Will"

Barb is a finalist for "Mother of the Year" and Bill is asked to become a member of the Salt Lake City Leadership League. The sister wives all do their respective wills.

"Losing My Religion"

In the Southeast, to lose one's religion means to lose civility. To fly off the handle. Give up control of one's better judgment, even. With all that took place in the first hour (Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response), emotions are running high as the second half of the finale begins...

"My Transition"

J.D. and Kim's romance escalates, but Elliot, who recently became friends with Kim, won't give them time alone. Dr. Cox and Jordan celebrate Jack becoming potty trained.

"Arguments for the Quickie"

Mia comes back to town for a performance, and at first Charlie refuses to go and tries to convince Alan he doesn't have feelings for her.

"My Urologist"

J.D. falls for Dr. Kim (Elizabeth Banks) after she removes her wedding ring and instantly appears; Elliot considers breaking up with Keith when he refuses to stand up for himself.