Leaving the Hospital - Red Band Society
"What I Did For Love"

On Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 10, Emma learns a shocking secret when she goes home and Leo and Kara both leave the hospital.

The Connection - Stalker
"A Cry for Help"

On Stalker Season 1 Episode 10, the team tries to figure out the connection between two seemingly random victims.

Help Arrives - Arrow Season 3 Episode 8
"The Brave and the Bold"

It's The Flash! It's Arrow! It's an epic crossover event that will conclude on Arrow Season 3 Episode 8.

Gemma Photograph - Sons of Anarchy
"Red Rose"

Tensions increase significantly on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 12. Jax, meanwhile, is tasked with making a major decision about his future.

Helping Peter - The Mindy Project
"What About Peter?"

On The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 10, Mindy insists on helping Peter find a better place to live.

New Addition - Chicago Fire
"Santa Bites"

On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 10, the team responds to a house fire that leaves a perplexing aftermath in its wake. Read more after it airs.

The First Date - New Girl
"Girl Fight"

On New Girl Season 4 Episode 10, Winston studies for his police academy exam and Nick and Kai's first date goes on longer than expected.

Handle with Care - Supernatural
"Hibbing 911"

On Supernatural, Jody Mills is required to attend a Sheriff's retreat and winds up partnered with an over-eager Sheriff who wants to bond.

Together Again - The Flash Season 1 Episode 8
"Flash vs. Arrow"

On The Flash Barry is excited when Team Arrow visits Central City during an investigation, but things don't go well when he tries to prove himself to Oliver.

End of Days - Sleepy Hollow
"The Akeda "

On Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 11, Moloch prepares for war as everyone else gets ready for the possible end of days.