The Roast - Family Guy
"Roasted Guy"

On Family Guy Season 13 Episode 16, Peter gets his feelings hurt after an event where his friends come together to "roast" him.

Caught In the Middle - Battle Creek
"Old Wounds"

On Battle Creek SEason 1 Episode 8, Milt ends up in the middle of his Commander's life when her son asks him to investigate the murder of his birth parents.

Is That a Dragon?!? - Game of Thrones
"High Sparrow"

On Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3, Arya sees the Many-Faced God in Braavos. Elsewhere, Margaery enjoys her new husband, while Tyrion and Varys walk the Long Bridge of Volantis.

One Wild Night - Hawaii Five-0
"Ho'amoano (Chasing Yesterday)"

On Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 22, Five-0 tries to help three friends retrace their steps after a wild night of partying that culminated in a dead woman ending up in their hotel room.

Rite of Passage - Grimm
"Iron Hans"

On Grimm Season 4 Episode 19, Capt. Renard continues to battle a darkness within while Nick and Hank investigate a homicide connected to an age-old Wesen rite of passage.

Ready to Fight - Bitten
"Hell's Teeth"

The Pack is forced into an uneasy alliance with a Coven of witches against a common enemy. Both the Pack and Coven suffer heavy losses in the confrontation with the powerful newcomer.

Turning to Family - Lost Girl
"Like Hell Pt.2"

On Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 2, Bo turns to an estranged family member for assistance in the conclussion of this two-part season premiere.

The Court Case - Mom
"Patient Zero and the Chocolate Fountain"

On Mom Season 2 Episode 21, Bonnie and Christy argue about the court case and Bonnie vents at an AA meeting.

Upsetting News - Elementary
"Under My Skin"

On Elementary Season 3 Episode 21, Holmes and Watson investigate when two paramedics are killed and another is kidnapped. Holmes finds out upsetting news about his recovery sponsor.

Meredith and Kids - Grey's Anatomy
"How to Save a Life"

On Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 21, Derek springs into life-saving action after witnessing a major car accident.