#1 Pick!
He would be that in the minds of many ladies ... but we meant it in an entirely different way here. Sorry, Ed.

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The rubber bands on his arm is to hold up his sleeve if the shirt sleeve is too long. People who have money have their suits or clothes made to fit them. Since he is representing chuck bass then his clothes are suppose to be custom made. The rubber band gives this illusion that his clothes are custom made and not off the rack at any department store. Hope this helps


wow, right after being with you gf.
(on screen of course) they'd be a good real life couple to though.


You go for it Ed!


I also do have some dirt in my nose. Let me remove it


How would you like to be posted on the internet picking your nose. I mean everyone at some point in their lives have 'scratched' or 'picked' their nose. Just 'cos he's hot and famous doesn't mean he isn't human like the rest of us! Give the dude a break! JEEEEEEEEEEZ!


is that chuck bass picking his nose but however he still is the sexiest man alive
and by the way why does he have rubber on his arms


is that chuck picking his nose but however his always the sexiest man alive


Please, why does he have rubber bands on his arm?


i'd think he's just scratching.
i do it all the time, and get accused to picking. haah


still a cute pic. haha!

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