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As we posted yesterday, members of the Gossip Girl cast are officially back to work and filming the third season of the show we love. The premiere is September 14. Summer vacation is clearly a lot longer for us than it is for the cast members themselves!

Here's Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester on the set ...

Leighton and Chace Pic

Click to enlarge lots more photos from the Gossip Girl set below. As always, when we come across more pictures, we will post them for you to comment on.

Any ideas or scoop on who the blonde girl is? Or what else might be going on in this early Season Three scene? Please, share your thoughts with us below!

Mystery Gal
LM Pic
Nate and Chuck Chat
Ched Photo
Ed and Leighton Image
Leighton M. Pic
Ed and Chace on Set
Chace and ...
Leighton, Ed Pic
Nate on the Horn
Cute Chair Pic
A New Couple?
Chace is So Hot
In Uniform
Leighton and a Newcomer
Ed Takes a Breather
Leighton Meester and ...
Ed in Action
Handsome Fellow
Beautiful Girl
Hotness Personified
Shooting Season 3
#1 Pick!

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Good to see them already back at work...for us!! ;-P)I can't wait too...besides, I think that Chace is really an handsome boy,in a way that you could worship a gorgeous male model but...that's the limit: I don't like his way of acting and as I would say in my mother-language "Non mi fa sangue a vederlo.." (No blood-rush looking at him): instead Ed is simply HOT,not phisically perfect, but a great actor and with a pecial sexy charisma in it, which I always love in Johnny Depp for instance! ;-P)


His hair reminds me quite a bit of Edward Cullen, actually.




Blair's frock and flip-flops are soooooo cute. Love Chuck in suspenders. Chair channels the classics so sexily. Kudos to the stylist. I'm going out to buy me a pair of classic flip-flops. :o)


chace and leighton would be adorable together, as long as it isn't nate and blair.


Who is that blonde??????


yeah, I definitely agree with you edieeeee, Chucks hair was amazing in Season 1! (I want it back!)
But at least CHAIR is finally together, now I don`t care about chucks hair anymore:-)
I`m honestly sooo excited about the upcoming season three, most of all about blair and chuck as a real couple...


I like Chace's new hair the best, and Chuck's season 1 hair the best for him.


love the hair, natie!!

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