A Couple of Hotties
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Blair and Serena in a promotional photo for the upcoming third season of Gossip Girl. Man these two ladies are looking good.

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    i know meet an girl of new york for a project!sorry for my english but I m an italian girl...contact me please


    I love them both but blair looks way to skinny here. It looks as if serena was the one that suppose to shine hear. C mon blair ur better then this


    as 4 me, i think blake looks better than leighton.. something about the clothes or make up, i don't know.. although i do think leighton is prettier, i guess blake always has a fresh soft look.. n' that's why i really prefer blake.


    Jenny looks horrible. God, I hate her in the third season. She was better as a sweet ggirl.
    She looks frikken scary.


    I think Leighton looks a lot better then Blake in this photo. Her make-up looks beautiful beyond words and she pulls off allure in an awkward situation. Her simpilcity works. Whoever designed the photoshoot needs to be slapped for various reasons. It's way too upper class whore for me. That's why Blake looks so weird in this shot, because she's doing the Serena-sexy-pose and it's overwhelming in her enviroment. Also, she has a great body but the way she's arranged makes her look 30 pounds heavier in the booty then she actually is. Generally though, I'm a fan of both ladies.


    and i agree blake is looking slightly larger than usual in this photo though if she had a really skinny middle wih her boobs then she would look out of prportion! so rock on blake...and leeighton!! xoxo


    OMG does anyone know when this is out in the uk, season 3 i mean i have watched the rest!! plz plz plz plz pretty plz thanks guys im desperate! xoxo


    they both is too sexy


    Blake should start hitting the gym...