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Blake and Jordin play kissy face on MTV

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seriously dude-hannah montana is like the BEST female singer in the world and i'm gay cause i actually care!!! omg!!! jk i dont even know what hannah montana looks or sounds like but that is kinda creepy that you do and your a boy! are you a boy? cause it doesnt seem like your one...i dont even know why i care or you care or anyone cares or how i got onto this blog...actually i was working on a retarded project...but whatever...this is boring and you dont have a life if you read this...


Why? Jordin Sparks is such a better singer then Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana. Hilary sounds all nasely, and Hannah Montana is ok, but she deffinetly needs work with her voice. Jordin made it out there because she has an amazing voice. Hannah and Hilary both started out on TV! They just wanted to be singers, and I bet both of their voices are modified. and a lil shout out to hilary, YOU WERE NOT MEANT TO BE A SINGER!!! but niether was ashley tisdale, your not alnoe! but jordin is better then any singer i've ever heard. You know when I saw her @ the tryouts I picked her. I picked her as my favorite and she was the one who I was rooting for, from the beginning! YAY JORDIN! you deserved to win!!!!!! (ps, blake you rock to!!!)


i think jordin sparks should have an opening night with hannah montana, i think it's gonna be really cool if jordin sparks will opening up with hanna montana or hilary duff, because hilary duff and hannah montana and jordin sparks is my 3 favorite female artist. you really remind me of hilary duff and hannah montana


Hello Jordin The Picture Of You And Blake Looks Really Good And Sweet.

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