At a Loss For Words
Blake Lively likely leaves many men with such a feeling.

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I think she looks so beautiful. I think she wore the white bra to stand out a little. Blake can wear the skimpiest things and still look classy hahah

Anna maria

why didn't she wear a black bra? and the dress? it's just too slutty for me to like it..

I am xoxo

she look like hooker...dont try soo hard to be sexy ms lively, cause when u do, u will look like.....THIS.


she probably forgot that flash photos make black tops go sheer


yeah, that bra doesn't look great, but man, her legs are incredible! i've probably never seen legs more beautiful than hers, great body though.


I don't really like the look, she can do waaaay better.


cute dress, but i hate that you can see her bra


Not her best look :(


she looks hot but her bra is showing thru


woooops wrong bra

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