Blair and Minions?
What are Blair and these girls up do, do you think? Any theories?

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I don't know but I miss Penelope, Kati, Is, and the other one uhmm Nelly Yuki or whatever he name is. Ya know the drunk one in the season 2 finale, the one that's like Dan I need to tell you something. I...gotta go. hahah i love that part!


Blair looks like shit. What the hell are they wearing? Preppy grandma outfits?


omg why have they ditched blairs headbands, i loved them, i say bring back the headbands!


totally agree with u!!blair's hair looks redish...they need to dye her hair back like in season 1 and 2 ,darker and they definetely have to volumize and curl her hair like then!!AND BRING HER STYLE BACK!!


Yes! Bring back Blair's old style...who do we need to contact to make this happen. Her hair has looked horrible most of the season. It looks best like season 1 & 2. They need to darken it, add some extensions and volumize it! And bring back the feminine Blair dresses! Pretty colors, ruffles and bows! Her clothes have always been so amazing and then this season she has for the most part been styled horribly!


I luv this pic, but i really hope she goes back to wearing headbands!


Blair is so pretty here! But when is she not pretty?


It would be nice to see blair with lots of her minions again,
and have people to rule over. Thats jsut her and i love it.
But 'G' could be right, this could be Georgias plan to destroy
her. They might be to goodd to be true.


Its sooo good to see her preppy style back from season 1. Like the bright colours. Like guest said, this girl pwns all.


what have they done to her hair?! so nice to see B smiling again. i miss season 1/2 blair. she was fierce.

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