Blake Bikini Pic
Blake Lively wears a bikini. What a stunner.

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Clouds like bubbles

I thought Blake isn't that skinny.. she was always curvy. And where are her boobs?


I can totally tell this is photoshopped. Blake has more curves than that and we love her for them!


They went overboard with the fake tan and its not even EVEN!


they went overboard with fake tan and its not at all even


Evelina the author there has points but took Blake's comment wrongly.
She lost weight cos she was on a diet, prolly eating veggies and all which is why she said she was in good shape, but she NEVER made a reference to being bullimic that's making her healthy.


where are her boobs?


when did she get this skinny!?


This is photoshopped or looks wierd...But still a beautyful pick. Did she loose some weight since the beginning of the season?


Why does her body look weird?!


im so jealous!! shes tooo beautiful :P x

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