Blake in Black and White
A gorgeous black and white shot of Blake Lively in the February 2009 issue of Vogue.

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i adore her outfit


i think she looks gorgeous normally, and i agree with the rest of you. Blake is a total hottie, and her child-like arms in this photo look ridickulous!!


I also really wish that they didn't photoshop her down to a "normal" size - she's a beautiful, slim, feminine young girl, and she always looks healthy and radiant.


Awesome photo shoot.
I like,(:


I Love Her, she looks so beautiful


crazy... i kinda like them


I agree. Her figure is already beautiful, why change it? She looks beautiful.

Mrs basshole

I love the picture, her profile looks very striking, although I hate the heels. But she's not that thin--I don't think it's fair to her, to slim down her figure like that. Her figure is awesome.


Wow... She look very beautiful sangat cantik...!!! Indonesian


its pretty but they photoshopped her arm to make it look skinnier...which is a shame because she looks gorgeous at her own weight

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