Raj meets a new lady at the comic book store, and she makes him question his relationship with Emily. Well, that may actually be a good thing, since Emily seems a bit crazy anyway. Is anyone else finding it difficult to trust that chick?
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Nick and Hank investigate when a lake monster is suspected of killing a tourist on Grimm. "A Reptile Dysfunction" is the eighth episode of the show's fifth season.
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Sorry, Katharine McPhee, but we can't resist posting this photo. We're proud of you for wearing underwear at least.
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It doesn't look like there's anything Alec can say that will calm Jace down. Will these two start throwing punches? Maybe Isabelle will join in too.
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Henry Talbot's risky hobby has Mary on edge on the fifth episode of the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey.
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Oliver sits with the man known as the Calculator. Rumor has it he will also be her father. I can't imagine Donna Smoak dating this guy, can you? They look happy now, but I bet that's gonna change. You don't get a code name for nothin'.
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Lindsay goes undercover at a casino on Chicago PD. "Hit Me" is the 13th episode of the show's third season.
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Abby finds out that her book requires a complete overhaul on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. "Rule #36: If You Can't Stand the Heat, You're Cooked" is the tenth episode of the show's second season.
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It looks like Jace was able to get away from the officers blocking his path. But, will he be able to stop Clary before she makes a mistake? Maybe Magnus needs to put a spell on Clary like the one incapacitating Jocelyn.
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Vandal Savage kept Hawkman's body? Or is this another timeline? Whatever is happening here, it ain't good people. Just wow. This is not good at all. Very unexpected turn of events!
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Sasha Alexander as Helene and Jeremy Allen White as Lip on Showtime's Shameless.
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Kensi's body art: Fab or fail?
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