A picture of Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero, one of the members of Tony's crime family on The Sopranos.
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Now that there is a lull in the drama in Storybrooke, Hook and Emma finally get to enjoy a romantic evening.
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Maggie smiles at Meredith in this scene from Grey's Anatomy. It is courtesy of the episode "The Great Pretender."
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These three women are all that remains on The Bachelor. Who will win the final rose?
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Malcolm Merlyn has been captured and he's on his way to the Demon.
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At the end of "Kindred," Emily dropped by Ben's house. Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 will pick up right where the midseason finale left out.
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While on a date, Becca admits to Chris that she's never been in love before on The Bachelor.
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Mary has her back toward Francis in the bedroom once again.
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