Don't ask Meredith about the whereabouts of Derek. He's preparing to move to DC when Grey's Anatomy returns in 2015.
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Benjamin Burke, from Team Ludo, makes the finals on The Taste.
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If you're still missing Will on The Good Wife, you may want to go back and check out Josh Charles as Dan Rydell on Sports Night or Jake on In Treatment.
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Elena is braver than we are. She doesn't look especially scared, despite being taken hostage by Kai.
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Don't worry, kid. Miranda Bailey is here. You're in good hands.
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Alex looks on in consternation in this Grey's Anatomy scene. It is from the 2015 premiere, "Where Do We Go From Here."
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From The Max to a marriage, Zack and Kelly made the dreams of all Saved by the Bell dreams come true.
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Rick Castle and Kate Beckett are on the case at a Wild West resort to uncover a killer in Castle Season 7 Episode 7.
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Dr. Warren and Margaret Gage meet after her husband demonstrates his cruelty in the town square. Joseph is instantly taken with Margaret's compassion and kindness.
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We're up close and personal with Bailey in this cute Grey's Anatomy photo. It comes to us from the 2015 premiere.
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She's just a girl in a bar. One we'd definitely ask out.
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We're with Tara here on the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 finale. She has been featured prominently throughout the season.
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