Lea Michele shared this throwback photo seven years after the show premiered on Fox. It left quite the impact on the TV world.
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Michael Weatherly is gone from NCIS. But he'll be sticking around CBS. This is a photo of him from Bull.
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Doctors fight to save Claire and her unborn child's life on Outlander. "Faith" is the seventh episode of the show's second season.
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The team is left reeling after one of their own is shot on NCIS. "Dead Letter" is the 23rd episode of the show's 13th season.
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Sam and Dean face their biggest challenge yet on Supernatural. "We Happy Few" is the 22nd episode of the show's 11th season.
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Iris watches Barry walk away and onto the race of his life. Well, this one, anyway.
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Fergus finally tells Claire what happened to him at the brothel.
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There's a red priestess in Mehreen, but what's she going to do?
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Claire and Jamie say goodbye to Faith before they head home to Scotland.
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How will Kate react when Rick thinks a murder involves the Antichrist on Castle? "Hell to Pay" is the 22nd episode of the show's eighth episode.
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Barry has the Wests by his sides. it doesn't look like Wally held any grudges for not being in on the secret. That's good.
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Official Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Key Art 001
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