Carrie Underwood, Chace Crawford
<a href="">Carrie Underwood</a> was spotted out recently with Chace Crawford. Looks like a love connection to us!

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To me, Carrie's a wonderful women.. She and Chace definitely make a cute couple together.. As long as their happy with each other's company that is enough already. But, heard from the news that they broken up for good.. Its quite a loss though.. I can see that Chace loves Carrie alot. :D


Chace Crawford and Carrie Underwood donĀ“t match at all. Eventhough chace is all mine


Chace Crawford and Carrie Underwood are the worse couple ever.
Because one shes older then him shes 24 and hes 21 plus Carrie
thinks she can get married to him thats not true plus he thinks
they are only really really good friends nuthing more so she
is dumb to think she and chace can get married .

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