Chace is So Hot
That seems to be the consensus among Gossip Girl fans. And we are not exactly disagreeing.

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so hot- i love him.




True, meestwick, the manbangs looked kinda dirty.


He looks like a vampire from Twilight! LOL


i like this so much better.
to be honest, his man bangs looked sorta dirty sometimes.

Chair 4ever

i love his new hair!


am i the only one that thinks he looks a little ... annoyed/mad ...


I have to admit, he looks way too much like R' Pattinson and his style looks also like E' Westwicks real style.


Nate looks way better, I kinda hated his hair in season 1 ánd 2.


I like Chace's/Nate's new 'do - I think it was time for a change, as he's left high school. I know the manbangs were his signature, but even Jennifer Aniston changed her hair around...
This colour of this photo, tho, has drained him of blood, leaving more than a passing resemblance to Robert Pattison...

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