Poor Luke ends up at the hospital with his hand in a bandage on his birthday.
Father and son real estate agents, Phil and Luke work an open house together. Well technically Luke is a kid and not licensed, but you get the idea.
Luke runs into his grandpa while out on a bike ride on his sister's girl bike. Jay can't help but make fun of his grandson for riding a girlie bike while he rides around in his unbelievable Mercedes SL63 AMG. Yeah, we're jealous.
Nolan Gould stars as Luke, the youngest son of Phil and Claire on ABC's Modern Family. Luke is a bit of a trouble maker.

Modern Family Quotes

By the way, do not look up peeing games on the internet.


Claire: My mom started drinking these cocktails called "horny Colombians" with some of Gloria's uncles, whom apparently the drink was named after
Phil: Oh come, they were funny
Claire: They kept grabbing my butt
Phil: Somebody is full of herself. It's a Colombian wedding tradition.. they said