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"A Hard Jay's Night"

Phil gets sidetracked in a neighborhood salon while trying to help Gloria sell her old apartment on Modern Family.

"Las Vegas"

Jay takes the family on a trip to Las Vegas but becomes obsessed with upgrading to the highest level while Claire hits the tables to win money back she lost years before on Modern Family.

"Other People's Children"

Jay and Luke bond over a conversation about tools while Claire and Gloria take Lily shopping for a flower girl dress on Modern Family.


Cameron is in charge of the school’s big spring dance on this episode of Modern Family.

"The Feud"

When their sons face off in a wrestling match, Phil's feud with Gil Thorpe is magnified on Modern Family.

When Luke and Manny hang out with more questionable friends, Claire and Phil decide to spy on them on Modern Family.

"Three Dinners"

Mitchell and Cameron have an awkward dinner and Phil and Claire get a surprise while having dinner with Haley on Modern Family.

"Under Pressure"

The high school open house has Gloria sparring with a mean girl mom while Jay tries to teach Phil how to play hookie on Modern Family.

"And One to Grow On"

Phil ends up behind bars when he tries to trick Luke, meanwhile Jay and Gloria are worried that Manny is going for girls out of his league on Modern Family.

"The Old Man and the Tree"

At a charity event, Cam and Lily find the true meaning of Christmas while Mitch does some last minute shopping to find the perfect gift on Modern Family.