Jeffrey Donovan stars as the main character in Burn Notice. Say hello to Michael Weston.
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Life is never easy for Michael Westen. In this scene, he gets a call about his troubled brother.
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On season three of Burn Notice, Michael Westen has a mission: to become a spy once again.
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Burn Notice fans just wanna know one thing: Will Michael and Fiona hook up? Be patient, viewers.
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In the episode of Burn Notice titled "The Hunter," Michael gets kidnapped. Trouble keeps following this guy!
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In this image from "Shot in the Dark," Michael contemplates a tempting offer. Will he get back into the intelligence game?
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In "Shot in the Dark," Michael helps an abused boy. This is a photo from that episode.
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Michael Westen is a spy on the run. But at least he's a spy on the run in Miami.
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Burn Notice Quotes

Michael: We still don't know what kind of situation we're walking into.
Fiona: When do we ever? When has that ever mattered?

Fiona, there are very few things I do better than Michael, but hotwiring a car is one of them.


Burn Notice Music

  Song Artist
Song Fun In The Islands Rene Van Verseveld
Song Synthetic Beat Chamber
Song CMP5131 Out Of Range Noizy Ninja