Pictured in this Burn Notice scene: Clayne Crawford as Ryan Johnson and Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen.
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Michael Westen is already hot stuff. Throw in some fire... and look out, folks!
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This is a Burn Notice picture from the episode "A Dark Road." It depicts Bruce Campbell as Sam Ax.
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Michael is seeking a child predator on the episode "Friendly Fire." This is a scene from it.
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A child predator is on the loose on the episode "Friendly Fire." It's on Michael to catch him.
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Michael Weston approaches a suspect in this scene from Burn Notice. It's courtesy of the episode "Friendly Fire."
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Michael has a lot to think about during the episode "Enemies Closer." Some friends come back into his life.
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Michael Westen is a spy on the run. But at least he's a spy on the run in Miami.
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Burn Notice Quotes

Michael: I'm going to need to borrow your uniform
Guard: You've got to be kidding
Sam: Ohhh see that look, that look means he's not kidding.

I'm here and I'm sorry.


Burn Notice Music

  Song Artist
Song Fun In The Islands Rene Van Verseveld
Song Synthetic Beat Chamber
Song CMP5131 Out Of Range Noizy Ninja