Ming and Tamara are featured in this Awkward scene. It is from the episode "The Campaign Fail."
Jenna, Tamara, and Ming see a surprising text message on Awkward. "Homewrecker Hamilton" is the ninth episode of the show's second season.
Oops! Caught us! Ming tries to get in a little makeout action at the party in this Awkward scene.
Ming Haung is one of Jenna's best friends in "Awkward".

Awkward Quotes

Hey! Stop! Don't touch me there that sir is my no no square.


Becca: What I don't know is, are you a cool Asian or a school Asian? What are your PSAT scores?
Ming: 120.
Becca: Low. You're not a school Asian. Have you ever spring break-ed in Cabo, downed Adderall, or had an affair with the lead singer of an indie rock band?
Ming: No.
Becca: Not a cool Asian either.
Ming: So what am I?
Becca: White.