Check, Please
After seeing Blake Lively's dress in the above photo, we are pretty much done working for the day. How are we supposed to concentrate.

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does anyone else notice that hilarious person in the background? x]


she is so beautiful ,i adore her so much.i love you ,blake lively


don't hate, they just put her in very revealingly tight outfits.
off topic now (but not really), is it me, or did they put darker colored crystals on the nipple section of the dress....they REALLY want to bring attention to her boobs this season don't they?
or am i obsessed?
can you blame me?
and am i the only one that thinks she really isn't that pretty? Sure, she's hot and has a killer body (and hair & LEGS....and Boobs of course)..and apparent charming, chilled personality but do you get what i'm saying? you know, feature-wise. Just trying to get a new perspective and bored at 2 am i guess. i'm not hating or anything :P random though: don't you guys hate those sad/homeless puppy commercials? they really blast them at this hour. okay, i'm gone now.


haha i was thinking the same thing...


Love the dress, and she looks fabulous... but are those just badly placed sequins, or is the dress a little too see through on those infamous breasts?


sorry to slam blake lively--I know how much everyone is obsessed with her and all--but her boobs are so fake it isn't even funny. Am I the only one who sees this?!?


gorgeous as always ,love her

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