Cheers to a New Season!
Chuck, Nate and Serena in a shot from the fifth season premiere of Gossip Girl. Looks like a swanky yacht party!

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I know Chuck has those tattos, but long sleeves sute him better :) LOVE CHAIR! Hope they end up together :D


Chuck is always in long sleeves because they don't want Ed Westwicks tattoos to show. Especially since he has a feather on one shoulder and a pin-up girl on the other.

Lola gg

Serena looks gorgeous. I'm actually looking forward to the L.A storyline. I think she has really matured. And even though I loathe Chuck, I love this picture!


Nate looking adorable here. or even better! Chuck, oh with this single look he may get anything he wants. But why is Chuck always, always in long trousers, in long sleeves? when it's obviously so hot? i hate it.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Dan: It's Blair's Save the Date.
Rufus: You're not happy. You guys are still friends, right?
Dan: Yeah. Friends. I wonder if she invited Chuck.
Rufus: If he's anywhere that FedEx can reach.

Dan: Dad! What are you doing here? I thought you'd still be in London helping Jenny set up St. Martin's.
Rufus: She and Eric kicked me out when I didn't know who Sierra Burton was, so I came back here early and thought I'd spend some time with you.