Colin Kisses S
While Lily watches. Awkward or hot? We'll see.

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What does Serena expect Lily to do, start clapping? lol this show can be so weird....


Oh c'mon S, have a little bit of decorum - we all know this relationship is not going to last so why does she put it on blast like that (rhyme accidental, but intended)


1) I hate that stupid braid they give giving Serena. 2) Who kisses their boyfriend like that in front of their mom? Oh right...Serena does.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

We're holding on to the pain because it's all we have left. We don't have to. We have a choice.


Serena: No shame. For your information we just stayed up talking.
Blair: Oh. So does this chatty insomniac have a name?
Serena: Colin. The Cab Stealer.
Blair: Oh, well you showed him.