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Has David Archuleta already won season seven of American Idol? Following his rendition of "Imagine," Simon Cowell was ready to hand this young talent the crown.

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Hey, David i'm from luangprabang Lao PDR. you're the excellently singer, you had a nice voice and different from another singer, you're my idol


hey david i,me from canada and you have a great following up here you have to be the most talented kid for your age and we canadians are rooting for you you are the best talent idol has had since the show first aired i hope you make it kid looking forward to seeing you take home the first place and looking forward to seeing more of you good luck my little man


wow dave you could easily be the top of american idol ever your a star and you erned it last night what a perfomence you blow me away your a hit son .go out a do what you do best singing songs that really touch the soul good luck on your way to stardom enjoy and god bless you and keep you around for us to enjoy forever john lennon we be proud of you.

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