Ed in Action
Ed Westwick is awesome. Here he is on the set of Gossip Girl in June 2009.

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I love his hair here & indeed in the GQ photo's as well. I just watched 2.25 again and I hated his hair there. Ohmygod, it didn't worked for him. Or his face. He looked kinda big.


is this the look everyone liked for the cw upfront when he gave the speech as chuck bass? I can def see why a lot of people wanted his hair like that for the new season, he looks so sexy!
Though his hair looks sexy in the GQ photos as well

Kimberly anne

Damn!!! Ed is smoking hot!!! He looks like those back in the days detectives on television. Only Ed can pull that looks of now a days. And again... Damn!!!




He looks so... grr! I can't stop looking at him...
I know I must be crazy, but take like 10 min to see every detail in these pics. Tell me I'm not the only one!!


Sexy, posh, majestic......


Where's Dan and Jenny?


Chuck looks so mature and sexy. Don't forget stylish.

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