Ed Westwick Kilt Photo
Ed Westwick rocks the kilt pretty hard, and we have to say, it's a hit!

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hotness a la ed westwick


"He is the only guy who can wear a kilt and make it actually look in style!" All the guys here were kilts to big ceilidhs (dances) and that, he doesn't make it look good here, he makes it look bad and thats saying something cause guys in kilts are just so much better than guys in trousers (WTF?)


he is hot..
and his outfit isn't..
whoever styled him deserves to get shot.


I love ed! He is the only guy who can wear a kilt and make it actually look in style! I do really hope that they cut his hair for GG I don't like his hair all slicked back. Sometimes it can be cute but I LOVED it in the 1st season how he had tiny little bangs! They were SO cute!


UNF bb. Death by kilt and tats. I can die happy :)


I love this guy! Ed you're hot!!!


sorry I'm mean I don't care


yeh , short hair is better.. but actually I don't vare about his look... I'm not the fan of this guy ...


i dont like his hair all slicked back! I WANT IT TO BE SHORT!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH


I just posted something about that. His hair in the show is terrible but when you see pics of ED or you see him in a interview his hair looks nice!
I don't know what they want him to look so old in the show!

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