Friends Arguing
It would appear that Chuck and Nate are in the midst of an argument on the set of Gossip Girl here, although we will have to wait and see for sure.

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I agree with Lolbert. I need Nate's jacket, too. Where do i need to buy it ?


he needs a wardrobe makeover!!! geez those pants ar hideous! he looks like those creepy clowns!! what happened to the chuck in season 1? just cuz he grew up shouldn't mean that his style has to blunder!!!


Does anyone know where Nate's jacket is from? I need it!


love nate's sneakers :)


haahaa chuck's comb over is funny bless him :)


The reson why Chuck looks fat in that picture is because he IS fat!!! It's not those ugly clothes, it's him.


yayy chuck shud have a go at nate. hes too much of a man hoare to be honest. and hes quite empty inside.


However, he rocks the outfit from the side, and any other outfit he wears, so I won't hold it against him! :-)


Chuck looks like a big fat judge from the 1800s, or the wizard from the wizard of oz. I don't mean to diss Ed/Chuck, and I feel bad for saying that, but the pants/jacket/vest from this angle are very unflattering.


No! Everyone knows pleats make you look fat! Ugh this is Gossip Girl. They could do so much better.
Nate's plaid is cute though :)

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