Chace, Ed, Blake and Penn on the Gossip Girl Set

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A quartet of Gossip Girl stars - Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively - filmed scenes for the series in N.Y. City Tuesday. Here's one picture of Ed and Chace (as Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald) having a conversation ...

Friends Arguing

With only five more episodes left to air, the gang is wrapping up the filming of Season Two soon. Click to enlarge lots more photos from today's filming and comment away!

Battle For Blair?
Best Buds
Up in Arms
Chuck, Nate Pic
In Step
Chace Broods
Nate, Chuck Pic
Ed, Chace Pic
Penn and Blake Go to Work
Chuck, Nate Photo
Looking Skyward
Blake on the Move
A Smiling Ed
Chuck Bass Walks
Penn and Blake as Dan and Serena

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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I agree! Fix the hair and the clothes! I don't think they are back to their friendship ways in these pics, it looks to me like they are arguing...maybe because of B


I usually like how C dresses but this outfit is too much! He's actually dressed like a 70 or 80 yrs old man and his hair style does not help. Hopefully next season will see a new hairdo. He had a good one last season. What I don't get is that if you look at ED in interviews his hair is styled differently and looks much better!!!


The argue was because of B.


GG is losing its style. Blech.


this pic of ed is horrible
the pants, the vest
wtf chuck?


Totally agree that C has lost all sense. Random hookups while he should be pursuing only B, and dressing like he's seventy. Love both actor and character, but hate GG's stylist ATM. I mean, come on! The comb over? The beige V-neck cardigan? Those pants that look like permanent press pleated polyester puke... even S's grandad had better fashion sense in the 70's than C does in the Noughty's.
I think Ed needs to infuse a little more of his own self and style to reinvigorate C's flagging image...


what? no blair?


umm, i think chucks sence of style has totally went downhill since the end of season one pplp. before vanessa ahaha, he wore ugly red pants b4! in that yale episode wen he got kidnapped!! i wish they would just change his hair and clothes back 2 the way they were in season 1!, w/e i hope chuck tells nate off for bein such a whore!! ahahaha


spoiler- i think its nate tells chuck that hes fine with c and b back to togther.. i bet its one of those finale scenes of season like when the wrap up everyone friendships for the year


its bc of the vanessa fling thants y chuck looks like that


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