Gossip Girl Season 5 DVD
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The cover of Gossip Girl's Season 5 DVD. Available for pre-order now!

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    That carving is AMAZING! The lines, the sutlbe features, the way the light hits it. I've never seen something SO amazing! It looks JUST like him! It truly is am exact replica of him, on a pumpkin. It is beyond obvious that the extremly talented artist spent HOURS meticulously working on this. It's all in the tiny, GORGEOUS details.I would LOVE to have this pumpkin bcus I really am Ian's #1 supporter. I have followed everything he's done for, like, forever now. When it comes to TVD, yes, I ADORE him on there, but thats just one thing on his LONG resume. Ian is such an AMAZING actor that I strongly believe that he will, one day, win a prestigious award, like an Emmy.a0If I were fortunate to win this pumpkin I have it out, around my house, all year round. I would show a0everyone, that came to my house, this AMAZING pumpkin of this man that I LOVE with all my heart.If I win this pumpkin I might be so blown away that I have a heartattack. I've never won anything & I really, REALLY wanna win this.a0Please. Pick me.a0


    Why do they pick the shittiest pictures?! Why couldn't they get Nate in a suit? A less stupid look on Dan's face? Hell even Chuck and Blair look crappy. I feel like there literally is ZERO effort put into ANYTHING GG anymore, by anyone! God, the CW's acting all high and mighty giving us such a shortened season, minimal advertisement, it's just so sad!!! I love how it never even occurred to them that GG started failing when the time slot changed. Point is they didn't even TRY to do everything in their power to attract audiences again. Sad. Rant over.