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He is the Man
Derek Shepherd, seen here in "Here Comes the Flood," the third episode from Season Five of Grey's Anatomy, is the man. Any questions? Didn't think so!

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Estoy feliz con dicha serie y me encanta la realcion con Mederith, y el definitivamente es lo mas hermoso me encanta.


Posso uscire a cena con te dottore? un bacio

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Eat the muffin, Mer. Taste the muffin. Remember. The muffin.


Cristina: There's no way that guy has been living at an 8. He's a wimp. His 8? My 3. I can take pain.
Meredith: You can't talk to my boyfriend for 10 minutes.
Cristina: Well there's pain and then there's torture.