Heart-to-Heart With Dad
Will Thatcher Grey apologize to his girls? What brings him back to the hospital? We will find out April 30.

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I bet Meredith will refuse to accept his apology at first, but I think she will end up giving him another chance (although I hope not, I don't like Thatcher's character and hope that one day Meredith finds out that Richard is really her dad!). Derek will probably tell her she needs to give him another chance. Lexie will take him back into her life for sure. She is Lexie...Mer does look pissed in this shot though!


I don't blame her if she don't except his appology. He was a drunkin ass for to long. And he smacked the hell out of her and then poor Lexie had to deal with him too.


yeah mer looks really pissed!!! i bet he appologizes and mer wont buy it.


Mer don't look at all amused by her father. She looks kinda pissed.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Alex: Chicken.
George: Good chicken.
Meredith, Cristina: It's chicken.
Izzie: I know it's chicken! I wanna know what it tastes like.
Alex: Tastes like chicken.
Izzie: I'm having surgery today.
Bailey: Maybe, if the meds are strong.
Izzie: I am maybe having surgery today, and as such I cannot taste the chicken for myself. So I really need you guys to tell me what it tastes like. I need to nail down this dinner, so I can announce it on Meredith and Derek's wedding website.
Meredith: There's a website?
Izzie: So, can you please be a little more articulate than just chicken?

[narrating] Remember when we were little, and we would accidentally bite a kid on the playground? Our teachers would go "Say you're sorry." And we would say it, but we wouldn't mean it. Because the stupid kid we bit, totally deserved it. But, as we get older, making amends isn't so simple. After the playground days are over, you can't just say it. You have to mean it. Of course, when you become a doctor, sorry is not a happy word. It either means you're dieing and I can't help. Or, it means this is really gonna hurt.