Hot Pink Taylor!
Taylor Momsen arrives at a dinner reception at Balthazars for the launch of Topshop/Topman in Manhattan.

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i agree with shelly, se looks cool here, not like a hooker.


I think she looks pretty.only stupid people thinks wearing pink makes someone look like hooker.


ok this is funny i played some dress up game. and taylor momsen was the one i was dressing up! i cannot believe that even in the dressup games she has the racoon eyes! :P


emmm . . . thats a topshop skirt, my friend has it. its only like £25!


This may not be her best look, but I think Taylor Momsen is stunning.
I love her style.

Whale sweater

i actually kind of like the skirt, i don't really go for the flourescents but it's cute. has anyone else noticed that little j's style and taylor momsen's style are totally merging into one? i can never tell if she is in character or not anymore.


hey look
its the racoon makeup


it wouldnt be that bad if it wasnt for the fact taht her lipstick looks like it was applied while sneezing


ugh! the lipstick is just not for her! oh and the eyes! RACOON EYES. act ur age T.


I love how mardy everyone is - she doesn't look like a hooker! she looks dead fit! it's just what normal people wear when they go out to get pissed!

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