Taylor Momsen is Pretty in Hot Pink

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Holy hot pink! Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen made quite an entrance as she arrived at a special dinner reception at Balthazars for the launch of Topshop/Topman in Manhattan, rocking a leather jacket, hot pink skirt and matching lipstick.

The 15-year-old (!) actress and model certainly has a flair for fashion, always keeping us on our toes. What do you think of her latest ensemble? Check it out below:

Hot Pink Taylor!

Taylor Momsen makes an eye-popping fashion statement. [Photo: Splash News]

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My friend has the skirt! It's topshop, only like £25!


it's a cute outfit
but i still miss the sweet
old jenny


i think she looks fine if i was her id wear that its fit i love the skirt x


Taylor, get a decent haircut and clothes or drop dead.


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She looks like a low paid prostitute working the corner downtown. Gross. Put some pants on.


Well.. i like her style -sometimes- but this is soooo OMG...wrong
matching lipstick & skirt -> not done...
but i totally love her jacket!! this is a kind of punky-little-hooker-style =s
maybe she's on drugs or something, because she does looks like courtney and she's really skinny... ha!


This outfit is just tacky. It would look tacky, trite and cheap on anyone, whether they are 15 or 55. Fishnets are so passe, unless you are a teenybopper scene kid, goth or hooker. The skirt would be alright if it wasn't that gaudy color. Come on, Taylor. You can do better than that. :/


She looks cool and on trend. She defintely doesnt need a stylist, as a fashionista myself, i took notes from her, She is rocking with style. I like the way she totally transformed herself and look. And I hope I would be doing that too.
The silmarity with Courtney Love - (in some aspects you are right) Courtney Love has the same blonde hair, and black eyeliner but that its.
Taylor do you thing!! I know what she is doing is cool. I am an aspiring fashion designer and model as well!!
Watch this space Elizabeth Akingbade xoxo


YAWNNNNNNNNN at the haters you guys are so boringly predictable OMGOMGOMG SHE IS SO YOUNG HER MUMMY SHOULD BE DRESSING HER!!! come on, get over it. when you were 15 i guarentee you dressed worse. and its fun to experiment. better than a boring, plain style all her life. if she doesnt experiment now, when shes older she will be thinking "i was so young and hot, why didn't i have fun with my clothes?" which is what she is doing. haters, bag all you want. i support you taylor, keep having fun and making the haters blood boil. thier outraged reactions are hilarious to read anyhow.

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