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Is there a better way to sum up Chace Crawford? We are thinking not. We are most definitely thinking not.

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wow he is soooooo pretty.i am definetli nawt gonna miss the man bangs cuz now we get to see his face!!! yay!(*happy dance*)


OMEG! HOW SEXY HE IS! I KANT RELLI B-live that! I want to see edward (from twilight) and nate (look at the picture! lolz) as couples :D WOW GAYNESS! Its idea kinda looks like 2 GODs in Love! WOW!!!! I LOVE EM!


Calm down girls you all know hes mine ;]






Yess its my cuzin..n no i dont havva cuzin crush thats pure gross lolss hehe chace hasta come back 2 texas its been a while(; loveya Chase!! oh btww; u neeeeeD ur signature haircut u bettr get that bacck im so callin u rite on that set legit! ( but tell ed, hes smokin ) butthis hairs messed up(:


aww my cuzzie

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